Fall of Tarasberg ( Part 1 )


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 17, 2004
A story of the dividing into three realms of the once Great Kingdom. Please bear in mind it is from a Midgardian wiev. It could be rather fun to hear the story from the other sides :)
Some names appear in this story, those are friends ( a single one now just a name some few old timers knew ) or characters of mine having their own story in my realm.

Unfortunately it is too long for one thread and so it is divided into two :twak:


Fall of Tarasberg. ( PART 1 )

So – you are gathering to hear the ancient tale of our realm, one of our greatest heroes his family and their fate and of the sad disgraceful deeds that led to the fall of mighty Tarasberg ?

Very well then you shall have it but please sit down. It is a rather long story and bring your tissues for sad indeed it is. And for Gods sake Akairis SIT DOWN and shut up. This is a mighty long tale and I do not know it all. In collecting what I have my dear friend Kallio, before he wandered off, has told me what he knew of it.

Not all of you know where Tarasberg were lying but it stood with its tall towers and high walls right between the telekeeps of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. This was ofcause before the realm became divided and now you can`t even find the tumbled ruins of its foundation benieth the grass.

Yes my friends, it surely was build before the wars broke out and in its streets Hibernians, Albions and Midgardians walked friendly among eachother and mingled and had friendship across the borders. Or rather, there were no borders, we were one realm then. Every skilled mason and crafter, carpenter and smith, male and female took part in building

Tarasberg and never have or shall this world ever see such a city again.
Its bridges swung beautyfully over the rivers. The wall of the city was of great height and marvellous thickness, built before the power and craft of this realm decreased, and its ******d face was hard smooth and glowed in the sunset. High towers within the wall glimmered like spikes of gold and silver, tall and fair they were with banners of the mightiest guilds and families floating hundreds feet above the plains below.

Here in Tarasberg lived Elatan with his wife and their newborn child Killgorde. He was the father of the Peoples of the Starshaped land guild. Not a father as father to a son or daughter but merely the same as a guildmaster is to us today.
The people of the Starshaped Land were known as fearless and doughty people who fought with hammers and mases for the weak and innocent. Their mark were a purple star upon a golden background.

Tarasberg were a huge city, capitol of of all the three realms but even so, within its great walls the population grew. It was a time of peace and joy and nothing threathened the realm even King Arthur had passed away a year ago. Arthur had been a mighty King. He were the one that united all of the lands and under his rule the realm had prospered and grown rich and famous.

In Tarasberg, Arthurs castle were still quit, no new King resided, Arthur had no heir and no new king were elected yet but within the next fourteen days the people of the realms had to choose between Ailaghhan from Hibernia, Darien from Albion or Beowulf of the Midgardians. It was not an easy choice. All tree were honourbel and good men, brave and fearless but one alone had to be chosen.

Yet some among the Midgardians had rather seen Elatan instead of Beowulf as nominated for King. He was loved by his kin and trusted by his people as a man of his word but Elatan himself were content with the nomination of Beowulf for Midgard. Elatan felt he had enough on his hands with a newborn child, a loving wife and he looked forward to raise Killgorde and learn him all he could. Besides that there were plenty of things to do as Father for the Starshaped Land guild.

In the courtyard and in the city patrolled only the honor-guards of the three nominates and those of the passed King. Despite the crowd of people within the city no more guards were needed.
There were talks and speeches among people about incorporate some of the lands outside the city for the increasing population but this were Kings land, fertile and used to grow wheat on and it also served as a security for the city.
It was possible to see any approaching enemies from a long distance before they even got close to the walls. Incorperating this land for housing would lower the security. Yet nothing could be done about this matter before a new king was elected as it belonged to the crown.

Everything was calm in Tarasberg, The council had set a date 14 days ahead for election of a new king and immediatly to start again the business of the Kings Council. Today it was exactly one year ago Arthur had passed away and the Days of Mourning had gone by. Ailaghan, Beowulf and Darian, each with ten old and wise men from their homelands, were called to the Great Hall in Arthurs castle.
These ten men were spokesmen and elected by by their people for counselling and support for the nominates.


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