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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the_peddler, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. the_peddler

    the_peddler Fledgling Freddie

    The contest will be open until the day BW closes, 23th of January.
    The winners will be posted on Freddyshouse 1st of February.

    Each catergory will have 1 winner and 2 or 3 runner ups depending on how many screenshots submited in the specific category.

    Questions or comments? Write here or PM me. Good luck

    1. You can upload up to 3 screenshots per category.
    2. You can upload a screenshot in any number of categories if you think it fits.
    3. Only upload JPG files, max 2MB each.
    4. All contest winners will be notifed via e-mail and results will be posted on BW forums.
    5. The first price in this contest is: FAME and HONOUR.
    6. Feel free to use the "description" textbar to draw the jury's attention to perticular details in a screenshot.
    7. The screeenshots may NOT be altered in any way. The only category that accepts this is "Other Screenshots".

    PvE Screenshot
    RvR Screenshot
    Group Screenshot
    Death Screenshot
    RvR Classic Screenshot
    Midgard Scenic Screenshot
    Hibernia Scenic Screenshot
    Albion Scenic Screenshot
    Funny Bug
    Other Screenshot
    Funny Chat Quote Screenshot
  2. kr0n

    kr0n Fledgling Freddie

    ERROR: Wrong filetype or file too large...
    Keep getting that error even tho it is JPEG and way below 2mb, around 300kb.
  3. Takhasis

    Takhasis Can't get enough of FH

    Workin fine for me - uploaded some :)
  4. Korax

    Korax Fledgling Freddie

    damn, will have to look through my 3000 screnshot archive now :\
  5. Graknak

    Graknak Fledgling Freddie

    I tried uploading some stuff under the Name Cuthbert on the server Prydwen (under Death, Alb Scenic, PvE and Other) but it gave me this msg "MySQL server has gone away", now i wonder if the pics got there or not, could anyone confirm?
  6. the_peddler

    the_peddler Fledgling Freddie

    Yes your screenshots have been uploded. Wierd error must have been temporary.
  7. Jpeg QuickStix

    Jpeg QuickStix Fledgling Freddie

  8. Belorfyn

    Belorfyn Fledgling Freddie

    Nice contest. Can't wait for it to be finished so I can see all them finalists :)

    Uploaded some of mine too :)
  9. the_peddler

    the_peddler Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks :)

    Last day to enter is tomorrow so keep em coming guys.
  10. -Freezingwiz-

    -Freezingwiz- Fledgling Freddie

    Cool I´ll have a look at this when I get home 0o
  11. Minifotm

    Minifotm Fledgling Freddie

    hehe, will be fun to see tomorrow who the winners are :m00:
  12. Eynar

    Eynar Fledgling Freddie

    To bad the winners won't be announced until the 1st of february tho, so good luck finding them tomorrow ;)
  13. Korax

    Korax Fledgling Freddie

    Well there goes BW :p
    Can we keep submitting screens untill midnight? :)
  14. the_peddler

    the_peddler Fledgling Freddie

    The contest is now closed.
    Winners will be posted on 1st of February.
  15. Cavex ElSaviour

    Cavex ElSaviour Fledgling Freddie

    i'm actually curious about the outcome
  16. Eynar

    Eynar Fledgling Freddie

    Any chance the public will be able to view all submissions before announcing the winner? Come to think of it, why didn't you let the public decide on the outcome btw?:confused:

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