ET Fortress



Q. What is ETF?
A. ETF is a port of the mod Q3F for Quake 3 Arena and is based off the Team Fortress concept. 10 unique classes and a ton of very cool weapons along with some killer maps make up ETF. The game will offer many game types like CTF, Reverse CTF, Single Flag, Capture & Hold, Assault, King of the Hill and Duel.

Q. Why the ET engine?
A. Why not? ET is a free game so this gives us the opportunity to distribute our game to a much larger audience.

Q. Do I need RTCW to play ETF?
A. No you do not need Return To Castle Wolfenstein to play ETF.

Q. Will ETF run on my pc?
A. If you can run Enemy Territory then you can run ETF. The recommended minimum system specs to run ETF are listed below.
CPU: 900mhz
Ram: 512
Video: 32mb 3d card

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