Dragon Raid - Wednesday 23th March

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Bluesky, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Bluesky

    Bluesky Fledgling Freddie

    This raid will be using my setup of 23 ppl and will include:

    Warriors (must have MoB2 at least - higher the better),
    Berzerkers (MoPain very useful),
    Savages (MoPain very useful),
    Runemasters (full supp and full dark spec),
    Shamans (must be atleast 47 AUG),
    Healers (all 3 specs),

    Plz post your EXACT SPEC, REALM RANK AND MASTER LEVEL below along with what class you wish to roll for from the drops.

    Also post any further relevant info that may aid your application eg. skald with Croc Ring at level 10, seer with Egg of Youth at level 10 etc.

    Failure to post ur realm abilities will severly hinder your chance to come on this raid

    If we kill the dragon every attendee will get 2 stones - 1 full skill and 1 RA stone leaving 2 pairs left - I will claim 1 extra pair (for organising and the stress) and the last pair will go for lotto so 2 people will come away with 3 stones each from the raid. The usual 4 drops and remains will be lotto'd in my usual way.

    We will meet at West Skona at 7:00pm (8.00pm cet) for a move out 15 mins later


    There will be 1 tanking group with 2 warriors cross guarding each other permanently taunting the dragon. The aim is for this group to hold all the agro while the damaging group does most damage .

    The WARRIORS will tank from the south side of the mound with the damaging group at the middle and north side. I want all seers and casters in the middle of the mound in the radius of the FoP.

    There will be NO FoP's done by anyone in the main groups - the only SINGLE fop will be put up by my shammy and I will run her to the mound and drop a fop in the middle every few mins. This is proven to much lower her ae and pbae attacks.

    GROUP 1 - Agro Holding Tank Group:
    Warrior (MOB2+)
    Warrior (MOB2+)
    Savage or Berserker
    Healer (Pac)
    Healer (Aug)
    Healer (Mend)
    Aug Shaman
    Suppression RM (6sec PBT)

    The 2 WARRIORS will taunt attack the dragon at all times and will also cross guard each other while staying next to each other south side of the mound.
    The Zerks/Savages/Tanks will use detaunts ALL THE TIME and WILL NOT TAUNT.
    The PAC Healer will keep a constant pox on all seers in the group, STUN any adds at the lair and heal as required.
    The AUG Healer will keep the highest level of CELERITY running at all times, HASTE all tanks and heal as required.
    The MEND Healer will keep everyone alive.
    The AUG Shaman will buff everyone with COLD RESIST, END REGEN, STR/CON and DEX/QUI to all ppl in group and will make sure as soon as someone is ressed they get rebuffed.
    The SUPPRESSION Runemaster will keep PBT running at all times, spam BT on anyone with agro and will help nuking any adds of drakulvs or retreivers.

    GROUP 2 - Damaging Tank Group
    Healer (Pac)
    Healer (Aug)
    Healer (Mend)
    Aug Shaman

    The Zerks/Savages/Tanks will use detaunts ALL THE TIME and WILL NOT TAUNT.
    The PAC Healer will keep a constant pox on all seers in the group, STUN any adds at the lair and heal as required.
    The AUG Healer will keep the highest level of CELERITY running at all times, HASTE all tanks and heal as required.
    The MEND Healer will keep everyone alive.
    The AUG Shaman will buff everyone with COLD RESIST, END REGEN, STR/CON and DEX/QUI to all ppl in group and will make sure as soon as someone is ressed they get rebuffed.

    GROUP 3 - Damage Add Group:

    Healer (Pac)
    Darkness RM
    Aug Shaman

    This is the buffing group. Their ONLY ROLE is to rebuff the first 2 groups and res - NOTHING MORE.

    The PAC Healer will pox all 3 members of the group and res and rebuff any dead ppl and STUN any adds in the lair.
    The Darkness Runemaster will keep DAMAGE ADD all tanks on the raid (rebuffing a tank as soon as required/ressed etc), nuke all adds in the lair.
    The AUG Shaman will SPEC BUFF the 3 members of the group and SPEC BUFF ONLY any ressed ppl on the raid. Also spam ae spec buffs.

    GROUP 4 - Exit Guards:

    The last 4 ppl will each guard an exit solo and will make macro's for spamming ttheir exit when the Retreivers Appear. Hold them up by any means necessary. A tank or 2 from GROUP 2 ONLY will be named as helpers as requested by group4 members. Feel free to bring Buffbots along to help you at your exit.

    Skald, SM, BD, Insta Caster/AE Debuffer
    Skald, SM, BD, Insta Caster/AE Debuffer
    Skald, SM, BD, Insta Caster/AE Debuffer
    Skald, SM, BD, Insta Caster/AE Debuffer
  2. Ovron

    Ovron Loyal Freddie

    Dmg-add master signing up :clap:

    Name: Ovron
    Class: Runemaster
    Race: Kobold
    Level: 50
    Spec: Full Dark, rest Supp
    Other: Cookies for all
    RR: 4L6
    RA: MCL, LW, Purge, Aug Dex3, Aug Acu2 - Will redo soon
    ML: ML9 Convoker
    Rolling for: Thane
  3. delete

    delete Can't get enough of FH

    Name: bufflars
    class: shammy
    specs: 47aug, 26mend
    ml: ml4 atm, missing exp to ml5
    Gear: toa, 10cast speed, 20%pow, 25buff bonus, 25healing bonus
    ra: mcl2, vehement renewal2, serenity 1

    rolling for caster
  4. balkeriz

    balkeriz One of Freddy's beloved

    im in :)

    Name: Balkeriz
    class: warrior
    specs: hammer 50/ shield 50 / parry 28
    rr: 3l1 IP, MoB2 MoP1
    ml: ML5
    Gear: ToA/SI capped in all

    Name: Parameddic
    class: Healer
    specs: 44 Aug / 31 mend
    rr 2l8 MoC1, Purge1, Mcl1
    ml: ML1
    gear: random but capped in Cold and dex ( few TG items and toa items)

    Name: Baldarina
    class: Shammy
    Specs: 47 Aug / 26 mend / 4 cave
    rr 2l9 McL2, Wild heal1, MoH1
    ml: ML7
    gear: ToA + a little epic.

    Rolling for Seer.
  5. Coolan

    Coolan One of Freddy's beloved

    just for u bluey i'll post all my chars :), yay i got the week off work
    you know u cant resist having me on ur raid :)

    Coolan-Beserker-rr4l6 ML7 Banelord
    50axe/50laxe/28parry +14
    TOA gear fully capping

    Grodinn-Healer-rr2l7 ML0
    40mend/36pac/4aug +12
    MoH2/MCL1/Ethereal Bond2/LW1/AugDex1
    Half Toa giving +20heal/+10 duration caps all stats/resists

    Ullfgar-Warrior-rr3l2 ML0
    50hammer/50shield/27parry +13
    TOA gear fully capping

    Ketta-Hunter-rr3l5 ML1 Sojourner
    50Bow/44Spear/36stealth/9BC +1
    TOA gear fully capping

    Timberwolf-RM-rr1l9 ML0 - only level 49 though
    47RC/22dark/11sup rc/dark+10
    MoM2/AugDex2/Ethereal Bond1
    TOA gear fully capping

    Anyways thats all my chars ofc will bring my bot aswell if it helps :). good luck and hope u choose me its been far to long since i was on one of your raids :)

    Rolling for zerker
  6. Bluesky

    Bluesky Fledgling Freddie

    hehe I may jsut be able to find room for that ugly zerk of urs m8 :)
  7. Granville

    Granville Fledgling Freddie

    ho hum, i can make this, since ive never been on a succesful dragon raid i think i will try and sign up :)

    Granville-Warrior-rr3l8 ML9
    50hammer/50shield/27parry +13
    Fully TOA'd
  8. Otho

    Otho One of Freddy's beloved

    Sparv 6 sec supp RM with Croc ring and crap armor.


    Otho mend/pac 40/36 healer with EoY.
  9. Sanzor

    Sanzor Fledgling Freddie

    Nudia is signing up

    Naudia healer

    pac. 44 mend. 30 8. aug

    My gear is SC with different ToA items
    RR3L8. DiV1. purge2. Mcl1. wil healing1 aug dex1


    Waldamar thane

    48 SC. 42 shield. 39 axe. 15 parry

    Gear is SC with different ToA Items
    RR2L8 Mob3. Moparry2. Mopain.1.
  10. Sewen

    Sewen Fledgling Freddie

    Sewen signing up for the raid

    Sewen berserker

    44 axe 44 Laxe 44 parry

    my gear is SC RR 4L2 ML 0

    RA's mastery of pain 3, mastery of parrying 2, aug str 3, aug con 2 aug dex 2


    kinad Warrior

    50 hammer, 50 shield, 28 parry

    My gear is SC with TOA items

    ML 5 Battlemaster RR 2L2 RA's mastery of blocking 3 mastery of pain 1


    Vibeke Healer

    39 mend 37 aug

    My gear is crap, toa quest items

    ML 1 Perfecter RR 4L0 RA's DiV 2, MCL 1, serenity 2


    Kvaser RM

    50 dark, 20 supp

    My gear is crap, toa quest items

    ML 1 convoker RR 2L0 mastery of pain 3
  11. Kvadi

    Kvadi One of Freddy's beloved

    Would like to sign up again Blue. :D

    Would roll for WARRIOR.

    Can bring either Krago (Healer) or Markan (Warrior) and will bring along a 47 aug bot too.

    Krago, 50 Dwarf Healer, RR3L0
    ML8 Perfecter (Power Font, Det Field, Cure Rezz Sick)
    38 Pac, 36 Mend, 11 Aug
    RAs: Purge2 and MCL1.
    Also got lots of pots from my LGM alchemist.

    Markan, 50 Norse Warrior, RR2L8
    ML7 Battlemaster
    50 Axe, 50 Shield, 28 Parry
    RAs: MoB3, MoP1, IP1, & Aug Strength1
    Also got lots of pots from my LGM alchemist.

    Krago, 50 Healer, RR3L0, ML8 Perfecter
    Markan, 50 Warrior, RR2L8, ML7 Battlemaster, LGM Weaponcrafter
    Sleekit, 50 Shadowblade, RR3L7, ML9 Spymaster
    Menno, 50 Shaman, RR3L0, ML9 Perfecter
    Serafa, 50 Shaman, RR1L6, ML2 Perfecter
    Sneka, LGM Tailor
    Sermun, LGM Spellcrafter
    Amavan, LGM Alchemist

    co-GM of Venom

    House 1713, Jervaulx, Erikstaad

    "We're not retreating; we're just advancing in a different direction"
  12. Lilinallte

    Lilinallte Fledgling Freddie

    Would like to apply with either my savage (Ceidadh) or my spiritmaster (Esenise). I would be rolling for Warrior drops...
  13. Naglfar

    Naglfar Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up with one of these 4 toons 8)

    Name: Naglwar
    Race: Troll
    Class: Warrior
    RR: 4L9
    Spec: 50 hammer / 50 shield / 28 parry
    RA: LW / MoB 3 / Purge / IP 2 / Soldier's Baricade 1
    ML: 8 battlemaster
    Equipment: TOA equipment. Full sc'ed with caped resists and stats

    Name: Naglpac
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Healer
    Spec: 44 pac / 30 mend / 5 aug
    RA: LW / mcl / purge
    ML: 0
    Equipment: Toa

    Name: Naglbuff
    Race: Troll
    Class: Shammy
    Speec: 48 aug / 21 mend / 12 cave
    RA: mcl 1 / MoH 2 / aug dex 2
    ML: 8 perfector
    Equipment: Epic and Toa stuff (25% to Buffs)

    Name: Naglbone
    Race: Kobbie
    Class: Bonedancer
    RR: 3L9
    Speec: 48 supp rest in dark
    RA: Purge / mcl 1 / TwF 2
    ML: 0
    Equipment: SC'ed armor and artis

    Rolling for Seer
  14. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    Indeed ;)

    lvl 50 Runemaster
    50 Dark, 19 Supp
    RR9l1 - cba to list all xD
    ML10 Convoker
    8 artifacts in my suit etc etc....

    Rolling for Thane.
  15. Henx

    Henx Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up Heavenz - SM - Suppression to the bone


    Henx - Aug Shami - if needed.

    Rolling for Hunter / Stealther.
  16. Kados

    Kados Loyal Freddie

    Warrior signing up
    Steward Stardust
    50 hammer 50 shield
    MoB 3, MoP 2
    Rolling for warrior
  17. Thrung

    Thrung Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up ol' Thrung again. I know u acctually love it when I use maddening and hump yer legs!

    50axe/shield 28 parry
    mob3, aug str2 etc etc.. u know me.. ;4)

    rolling for zerk
  18. brad

    brad Fledgling Freddie

    Would like to sign up with warrior.

    Level 50
    Armour : includes ToA/epic
    RR : 3l3
    RA's MoB 4

    Also have a supp sm, who is 49 at the mo, but should be 50 soon.
    RR 2l6
    Ra's include MoC 1 , Juggernaught 1, MCL 1

    Where,s TOA/SC

    Rolling for Warrior
  19. matrix

    matrix Fledgling Freddie

    im so sorry about not turning up or posting this weeks but had a f%%%ing nightmare sort my wedding out :( to much info to go in detail BUT if you have ever tryed to marry abroad with 20 ppl comming u will understand ^^ )but if it's ok will sign up nxt week with the following hope you understand BlueSky.

    with either or can bring both if required
    Name: Rahan
    Class: healer
    Level: 50
    Spec: 46 pac,28 mend
    RR: 4
    RA: pr1,di1,moh3,
    (25% to Buffs)

    Name: Matris
    Class: shammy
    Race: trool
    Level: 50
    Spec: 47 aug 26 mend, 5 cave
    ML: 8 per
    RR: 2L7
    RA moh3 mcl1,vr1,serenity1
    (25% to Buffs)
  20. Nelex

    Nelex One of Freddy's beloved

    Signing up with

    Name: Nelax
    Race: Norse
    Class: Berserker
    RR: 4L7
    Spec: 50 Sword / 50 LA / 28 parry
    RA: LW / Reflex attack / Purge / IP 2 / MoP2 / Astr1
    ML: 9 Battlemaster
    Equipment: TOA equipment. Full sc'ed with caped resists and stats

    rolling for seer
  21. Zappaa

    Zappaa Fledgling Freddie

    Hey all.

    Name : Zappaa
    Class : Warrior
    Spec : 50 sword/shield 28 parry
    RR : 2L0
    RA : MoB2, purge
    ML : 3 Battlemaster
    Gear : ToA armor and shield TG swords
    CO GM of Norsefejd
    Zappaa lvl 50 warrior
    Zapparr lvl 50 Runemaster
  22. Aferin

    Aferin Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up withAUG47/Mend26/Cave5 Shammy -RR4 MoC1/MCL2/Purge1/AugDex1/AugAcu1 -
    Serenity1/LW1 - ML5 Perfector. Armour-mix of Epic and ToA...

    ------------------Rollin 4 Shaman -----------------------------------
  23. ajzee

    ajzee Fledgling Freddie

    hi i would like to sign up with either:

    sm(supp) lellaili
    rr1.x augdex2,mom1

    moc,mom, purge,augdex,ravening power

    healer (46)
    aug20 pac 31 mend 31
  24. Gulag Vilse

    Gulag Vilse Fledgling Freddie

    Vidal pac-healer pac 48+3 (red pox), mend 24+13, aug 6.
    RL 3L9 perfect recovery 1, mastery of healing 2, mcl 1, divine intervension 2.
    Armor is Toa/si and dragonstuff.

    Gulag Thane hammer 39+11, shield 42+8 parry 9, sc 50.
    RL 3L6 master of blocking 3. purge 2. ML 6 battlemaster.
    Wings dive lvl 10
    Armor is toa/si and dragonstuff.

    Harpy BD bone army 50+5, dark 20+5 supp 4+5
    RL 3L7 purge 1, mcl 1, wild power 2, juggernaut 1, thornweed field 1.
    ML 9 banelord.
    Armor is artie's/toa/si/sc

    Rolling for Seer
  25. Ziial

    Ziial Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up with...

    Ziial L50 Savage ~ 50 H2H | 42 Savagery | 9 Parry

    Realm Rank ~ 4L3

    Realm Abilities ~ MoP IV | Long Wind I | Purge I

    Master Level ~ Battlemaster ML 10

    ~ ~ ~

    Drakhz L50 Shaman ~ 47 Aug | 26 Mend | 5 Cave

    Realm Rank ~ 2L5

    Realm Abilites ~ MCL II

    Master Level ~ Perfector ML 10

    ToA Bonuses ~ Buffbonus 25% | Healbonus 25% | Casting spd 10%


    Rolling for warrior :)
  26. XhitmanX

    XhitmanX Banned

    Signing up

    Xhitmanx Dwarf 50 Skald No ml - Fully sced etc - RR3l3 - IP2 , MoP 3.

    Rolling for caster items.
  27. vavires

    vavires Fledgling Freddie

    vavires aug shaman level 50
    spec: 48 aug
    RR: 2L5
    RA: MCL, purge
    ML: 5 perfecter

    greetz vavires
  28. Jollz

    Jollz Loyal Freddie

    Would like to sign up with full aug healer with red celerity

    Name :- Ozil
    class :- Healer
    Race :- Dwarf
    Level :- 50
    Spec :- 50 Aug/20 Mend atm
    RR:- 4l1
    RA:- DI2 Mcl1 Purge 1
    No ML path Yet
    Fully Sced suit on no ati's as yet

    rolling for Warrior
  29. Sewen

    Sewen Fledgling Freddie


    as the tard I am I forgot to post what I was roling for

    it will be warrior
  30. Inso

    Inso One of Freddy's beloved

    Signing up with one of the following:

    Perly Snow - Level 50 Warrior
    ML8 Battlemaster, Realmrank 5L2
    50 Sword, 50 Shield, 28 Parry.
    Long Wind 1, Purge 1, Mastery of Blocking 4, Mastery of Parrying 3, Mastery of Pain 2, Testudo
    Partial ToA SC, capping all.

    Wio - Level 50 Shaman
    ML3 Perfecter, Realmrank 3L3
    48 Augmentation, 23 Cave, 9 Mending
    Long Wind 1, Mystic Crystal Lore 1, Purge 1, Wild Power 2, Mastery of Concentration 1
    Partial ToA SC, capping the essentials.

    Rolling for warrior.

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