Dragon Raid - 7th Sunday


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 31, 2003
Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out!!

I modified the raids abit again.
(Note from last raid thread)
I readjusted the group setup so there is only 4 spots for warriors (hereby 2 which can be taken by thanes). Rest is for lighttanks.
I did this because I experienced that those raids with many Thanes and Warriors are mostlikely the ones closes to fail. And yea, Ive failed one Saturday raid and I blaim it for too many tanks tbh.

Also if your a skald and got ae speed please write it and you will get bumped on list.

As from yesterday there is no spots for thanes on gateguard duty either. Im sorry for the good thanes out there, but most thanes who got the chance of being GG failed and letted dogs out.

These changes are only made to ensure fast and secure raids.

General information
Raid official starts at 19:00 GMT at Gna Faste.
People are supposed to be there in time, that means before 19:00 GMT.
We will leave when all groups are gathered.

I will start BG up around 18:30. You can expect the raid to take around 1½ hour including lotto.

Raid structure
We will only be going 23 people. This leaves 2 extra stones.
I will take one of these (Exeregum+Exerpise) and last one will be in lotto.

The slots that are being deleted are spot 17 and 23. This will in no way affect how fast we kill the dragon or anything else.

Requirements to attend
· Level 50
· Capped COLD resist
· 6sec PBT for PBT RM
· 11,1 DMG ADD for RM

Signing up and confirming
Signups are starting today and last until Friday evening.

I will put list up Saturday around 15:00 CET and if you are on the list you need to confirm in order to keep your spot. This is VERY important so remember it.
Confirmation period last till Sunday 15:00 GMT.

NOTICE! Please sign up with class, rough spec, any useful ras/mas/ae spd (if skald) and your guild

I would like to point out that if you forget to confirm you aint supposed to show up. If you are late for the raid you will be booted.
As on all previous raid I start to find replacements at 19:05 unless anything else is agreed with me. Etc if someone contacts me and says he will be a few mins late but his character is already logged at spot.

I will claim Real Life stone

If you have no experience with Dragon raids or what so ever. Please check out my website which should contain all information needed to get your answer (atleast how to find me)

Its located here.

I signed up as one of the first? Why am I not on the list?
Please, before sending me post like that check the posts yourself.
Only VERY few people are favored on my list. These can be my close friends or people that can constribute to the raid in a good way. Etc FOPs/DET fields or high rr warriors for main tanking.

Remember, flaming will get you nowhere (else than getting banned).

NOTICE! Please sign up with class, rough spec, any useful ras/mas/ae spd (if skald) and your guild
NOTICE! Please sign up with class, rough spec, any useful ras/mas/ae spd (if skald) and your guild
NOTICE! Please sign up with class, rough spec, any useful ras/mas/ae spd (if skald) and your guild


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 31, 2004
Mikuni of Untaught
Suppression... know its not the best but hope i can get through.


Loyal Freddie
Jan 14, 2004
Santak 50 warrior, capped cold, 50 weap/50 shield
Det4, Purge, MoB2, MoPain2 and lw1

or Gwaum FoP shammy, capped yellow buffs.

Rather go with Warr if theres room but otherwise I can go with shammy. :)


Fledgling Freddie
Aug 26, 2004
lvl 50 war name is Shamshi

capped cold,det4,purge 50shield 50sword rest parry guild Fellowshipf of Midgard


One of Freddy's beloved
Dec 29, 2003
can come with dark runie, 50 dark spec cold capped etc

Flamman / Nazgul


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 3, 2004
signing in with gate guard as gargul or dmg add giver with slatko


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
magnuss cant come anymore afraid as he was respecced to darkcarver :(

But still can offer savage OR aug healer OR skald.


Part of the furniture
Jan 21, 2004
ur raid failed because u missed experienced ppl prolly :p


Loyal Freddie
Feb 9, 2004
Seems like i wont be able to come after all :/
Change at job plans. damn


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
zavage if still spot :x

ps.: i will be on time now xD


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 31, 2003
Healer spot still open

1 Pac/Mend Healer Mevos
2 Mend/Aug Healer Chakyra
3 Mend Healer Healler Cutting Edge
4 Warroir Santak
5 Warrior Snardis
6 Aug Shaman Quellan
7 Savage/zerk/warrior Lavene Red Guard
8 RM - 6sec PBT Humakt

9 Pac/Mend Healer Salvatore Untaught
10 Mend/Aug Healer Ehn Red Shadows
11 Mend Healer
12 Savage/zerk/warrior Poxxx
13 Savage/zerk/warrior Doringsgard
14 Savage/zerk/warrior Shamshi
15 Savage/zerk/warrior Mhr
16 Aug Shaman Lasinam Untaught

18 Mend Healer Mysticrages
19 RM - DMG ADD Flamman
20 Aug Shaman Glumur

22 Entranceguard - SE gate Mikuni Untaught
23 Entranceguard - NE gate Wiaz
24 Entranceguard - SW gate Mystia
25 Entranceguard - NW gate Amakiris

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