Does Perfect life stone count to Hits cap ?


Kharok Svark

In the DF quest there is a Perfect Life stone reward, which supposedly give +118 hits, even if not equiped.

Does this 118 HP's count within the 200 HP's level 50 Cap or is it additional ?



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Dec 24, 2003
Kharok Svark said:
which supposedly give +118 hits, even if not equiped.
Doubt this is the case, prolly some VN board accusations. Dont believe everything u hear/read :)
Game mechanincs dont allow u to take benefit of items from inventory when it comes to stats and other magical abilities.

Would like to see where u have gotten this information from, if its a fact im sure its a bug of some sort.

Only thing u can take advantage from inventory, is Pots etc.

Just my 2 cents


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Dec 24, 2003
I got this gem, and the answer is no, it's just a normal jewel with +118 hits. The only special thing about is, is that it got a heal charge (with a value of approx 225, can't remember exactly) however it only got one charge, and according to what the imp tells you when you get it, using this charge will weaken the gem, untill it just becomes a worthless stone. I haven't tried using it yet, but my guess is, that everytime you use it, it will gives less +hits when you equip it and the charge will also heal less (it's destroys itself and spawns a lesser version in your inventory or something like that) untill it looses all magical properties. But that's just my guess

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