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Dec 22, 2003
Help needed.

I am ok spotting for artillery and giving map co ordinates. However when it comes to firing it I couldnt hit the Proverbials Cows arse with a cricket bat. Left click firing isnt a problem its when you right click and see the cross hairs etc. How do you fire the artillery so it hits the target spotted. I notice there are some floating marks on the top and the side.

Any advice as it is becoming a bit embarrising hitting mounds of earth and the bottom of river beds


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Dec 23, 2003
I don't play DC but I'd imagine it's the same as vanilla in this respect. The floating marks show where you are currently aimed with regards to the current target. you want to move them roughly to the middle. Take your shot and you'll see the camera snap up to track your shot. Depending on where it lands you'll want to reposition your markers to drop the shot on the target. If it was too low move the vertical marker (on the side) up. Too high; drop it down a bit. Same for your horizontal positioning, too far right move the horizontal marker (top) left. Too far left, move the marker right. Once you've fired you'll have two sets of markers on the display. The lighter pair that don't move are the location of your last shot, you can refer to these if you need to fine tune your target. Remember in cam you won't be able to see vehicles so you'll need your spotter to keep you updated on the target. You will however see moving infantry which is a bonus. Make sure you've got a low artillery sensitivity because a tiny twitch of the mouse will move your shots off by quite a bit. Navy artillery definitely moves up and down between shots. So you may well see each succesive shot hitting slightly further back or forward. Don't worry as your next shot will drop back. I'm not sure if land artillery also does this as I've not used it for a few months.

Once you practice with it you can normally start dropping targets onto the crosshair on your second shot.


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Dec 24, 2003
Also, for getting the left/right to start with ... Look at the big circle, there's an arrow somewhere on it, that's you. The rarget is in the middle, and the arrow points the direction your gun is pointing. So start off by rotating until that arrow is aimed at the middle.

Oh, and the navy artillery 'moves' because your shots rock the ship. Obviously this means the land artillery doesn't do this, well the FIXED positions (defguns) don't. In DC things like the MLRS will rock like this unless on VERY flat and level ground. With them it's more that your shots cause the whole vehicle to rotate slightly, so it's more a left/right movement.

As for being a noob to this, start with a nice CLOSE target so you can quickly get a feel for it. I'd recommend using the MLRS on DC too as it has a nice high rate of fire. Oh, and you can also go sniper or special forces *yourself*, and use your own camera view, so you can easily practice this offline or on an otherwise empty server :).

Whilst I'm at it, some tips for the people doing the spotting. 1) Only press the damned fire button once, every time you press it anyone using your view gets it cancelled, so don't spam. Once the view is set you're free to move around, 2) If you die your view is lost, so you'll have to go set it up again, 3) And even if you stay alive the view only lasts for around 120 seconds, so keep an eye out for Artillery requesting a target.



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