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    What kind of people play DAOC?

    Recent studies and polls that have gone into finding out what kind of person gives up so much time in the land of Camelot has been released in France. While certain things must remain a secret a few surprising things have come out of it.

    78% of players are Male.
    12% of players are Female.

    Your age.

    7% 6 – 11
    38% 12 – 15
    26% 16 – 21
    17% 22 – 25
    8% 26 – 32
    4% 33 – Over

    When asked at first log in what realm they wanted to try first.

    34% Albion
    18% Midgard
    48% Hibernia

    Then when asked what sex they wish to play.

    54% Male
    46% Female

    When males were asked do they tell others that they are female in RL while in Daoc

    72% No
    18% Yes
    10% Don’t say

    When females were asked do they tell others that they are male in RL while in Daoc

    50% Yes
    30% No
    20% Don’t say

    What type of class do you play more often?

    38% Fighter
    23% Healer
    39% Mage

    What do you prefer to do when playing Daoc

    58% PVP
    27% PVE
    11% Craft
    5% Nothing, just chat

    Do you see the current game as balanced in PVP?

    28% Yes
    59% No
    13% Don’t care

    Will you be leaving Daoc within the next 6 months?

    38% Yes
    42% No
    20% Unsure

    Do you believe you get a good service from GOA?

    29% Yes
    58% No
    13% Don’t know

    That’s it. Some other interesting things of note but not really apart of the questionare were famous people that play or have played Daoc. List includes and cannot be confirmed but it was hinted that an EX employee gave some of this list.

    Jamie Oliver, Euan Blair (Yes the PM’s eldest) , David James, Craig David, Joe Swash, Ofo Uhiara, Louis Garrel, Audrey Tautau, Veronika Zemanova, Andrew Gifford, Barbara Field and Bob Branus.

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