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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 25, 2004
i was wondering how they calculate meelee damage, str based weapons in mid, if that has anything to say.

i know there has prolly bee npost about this before but cant find em so i would just post a new one, thanx in advance


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 2, 2004
Well don't quote me - but I don't think we'll be able to tell exactly.
Unlike weapon speeds, which we (think?) we can compute, there are SO many factors in weapon damage.
What we know:
A 16.5 dps sword does 16.5 points of damage per second. So if it was a 3.0s swing sword, that would be a base damage of 49.5 points per swing.

Then we need to take into account Str, the users swing speed modifier, then the style modifier on top. Then presumably the users weapon skill (or is it just weapon damage?), a little bit of random variance, and voila xxx damage.

The type of weapon also influences how the str bonus affects the damage. I can't remember - but somewhere I recall a 2h sword was 1.5x str bonus?

Sorry I can't be more help.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2005
You Weapon Cap is calculated by:

Weapon DPS
Weapon Speed
Spec in WeaponSkill
Qual of Weapon

Thats about it, not 100% sure about the bonus or if that just help on reaching cap / to hit...
Str do NOT affect your cap in any way, stuff we know:

Weapon Skill help raise cap until level 51 modified spec.

So, when your spec + item bonus + RR bonus reach 51 together, you cap your BASE MELEE DAMAGE (BMD)

What I know:

Melee Cap = (((ModifiedWeaponSkill * y) * (WeaponDPS*WeaponSPD)) * Qual) * (1+ToABonus)

Y is unknown, but lets try and figure it out for a level 50 with 51 modified spec:

My melee cap is 223 (+/- 10, spare with me, Im drunk and taking it from memory), I use 16.5 DPS melee weapon with 4.1 SPD, 100% Qual, +4% melee bonus.

So, my calculation should look like:

223 = (51*y)*(16.5*4.1)*1*1.04

to find y, we try to compute some numbers and isolate.

223 = 51y * 67.65 * 1.04

223 = 51y * 70.356

51y = 3,1696

y = 0.0621

Which means that 1 spec point increase base melee cap by 6.21%, more or less, probarly on an uneven scale and might vary from weapon to weapon... this is assuming that weapon bonus dont affect weapon damage and that qual is this simple to add to the calculation.

But it is a STR based weaopn????

The attribute only help you attacks to reach the cap more often, so the more str, the less % you will be from the hardcap of your weapons damage than else...
If you doubt this, go to some level 1 mobs with your BB along, dont buff, kill 3-4 and see the same damage output on each one, this is your melee cap.. now, buff str + str/con (and dex + dex/qui if str/dex weapon) and notice that you will hit the mobs for excatly the same as before, it do not increase your cap.

Well, my head fells weird, so this is all for me for now... hope it helps :D


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 25, 2004
actually the str part was what i was looking for :D thanx alot m8 :D

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