Current Armsmen when ToA is released?


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 22, 2004
Will they be completely useless? I know HO's can have 90 str, highlanders have 80... That isn't really uber or something, so why does everybody keep saying HO's are uber etc, etc? Is it something I missed?

Also, what will be the best all-round spec for RvR when ToA hits the shelves? I was thinking of respeccing my s/s arms to 50 2H, 42 shield, 30-37 thrust (depending on RR).


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Jan 16, 2004
Well if you really think like that everyone in midgard would play a troll....


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Dec 24, 2003
highlanders have 70 not 80 str...

and HO's will do more damage... they won't block/parry/evade as well though.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
ReaLX said:
Also, what will be the best all-round spec for RvR when ToA hits the shelves? I was thinking of respeccing my s/s arms to 50 2H, 42 shield, 30-37 thrust (depending on RR).
dont go thrust if u r highlander, except if u want thrust 2hs weapon.
go crush or slash as highlander and in general as arms coz u low dex :D


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
Yes HO's will do abit more dmg pr. swing (most noticeable with slow weps like 2handed)... Thats as much because of the lower quickness as with the abit higher str, lower quickness affect dmg pr. hit (correct me if im wrong) :)

Armsmen dont get more useless then they are now, but they do lack of instas to interupt those new overpowered caster's that will swarm around in ToA me thinks :(


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
highlanders get 80 str (70+10) wheras ho's get 100 str (90+10) to start with, also ho's got 40 dex and 40 qui which means big frontload.

whats gay is that they can only be 2 useful classes : merc and arms

all the other classes ho's can be are stupid for a troll-like stat base


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Jan 20, 2004
Was looking at specs, the hybrid one seems quite fun, 39slash 42 shield, but wasn't sure which was better, 50 pole(slash/thrust) or 50 2hd(slash/crush) ?

For dmg, styles, end cost, anytimes, positionals(after slam) and effects such as bleeds, snares, stuns.


Feb 2, 2004
ATM Arms do need a boost, although I am still looking forward to TOA with mine. HO will do more damage per swing with larger 2h weaps, although they will be much slower swinging them, and due to their low dex, will not parry/block any where as near as much as Highlanders/Britons/Saracens (or incunnu's but you can't really call a fish in plate a tank tbh). I just respecced my armsman to 50 2h 44 slash and 37 parry, from slash pole, and the style set ups and all the chains are much easier to use as a soloer.. Lower end use and better frontal styles etc.

Just depends which you prefer making a front-loaded char with lots of damage, but being hit frequently or doing slightly less damage, faster and with taking less damage yourself. :touch:


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Feb 10, 2004
I don't understand why ppl have all of a sudden decided that 2h > pole. I started off as s/s which is gimped as there is only room for one defensive tank in a grp if you want to kill anything.
I then respecced to 2h thrust for a couple of reasons, the anytime stun chain being the most obvious. As i was soloing most of the time i prefered the look of 2h over pole, having only myself to answer to, took this into account.
I then decided to become more grp active and as the anytime stun had been taken away from 2h to go hybred allowing me to solo more effectively and offer slam and guard to grps i was in, as well as the added damage of pole.
Before i went from 2h to pole i carried out a few tests. Ignoring crits and procs the pole rear chain of two hit (on avearge) for 100 more than the 2h styles (pole speed was 5.1 2h weap was 4.9 pole was MP and 2h was sidi thruster) the pole chain offered the same as 2h which is hindered followed by stun, poles stun is however longer. The pole styles have higher to hit bonuses than the 2h's. This is true for the anytime chain as well were the pole styles hit harder then 2h and have higher to hit bonuses. (With 2h i missed 3 times as much as with pole on rear chain and 2 times as much as with anytime chain).
I accept that dmg over time may be reduced, however i could not test this without guessing from the second hand on my watch (which is hardly scientific). Even if this is the case armsmans dmg over time will never be as high as a mercs, I beleive that we offer the 'big hit' that healers won't expect and thereby kill them.
Therefore i do not see why ppl all of a sudden ppl think that 2h > pole. If I am wrong pls explain and don't flame :) as i well accept I could be wrong and do not for a second presume to know better than any1 else.

I also feel that arms do have a future (well hope more than anything tbh) with toa inc. We are one of 4 grp classes that have access to battlemaster (pala's mercs arms and reavers) palas will have to get it :p but if you had a cjoice between someone haveing to kill a merc or a hybred arms before getting to you I think most would choose the arms :D. Some peeps would argue that having two bodyguarders in a grp might be overkill but you wouldn't be loosing much in return for something that could end up saving the grp if things start off pearshaped.
We do miss out a bit against pbt but thats mainly if there are 3 of us running together, with a merc in the assist train there much more likely to break it than an arms. We also suffer against guards, but once again what about moving round the back of them so its becomes useless?

Oh and could some1 post a good artifact site, have looked at visionofsages and its good for mls but not grat for artifacts and also ethinarg but can't find much fr arms on either.

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