Cross-Realm-Alliance-Thing.. (Please Read)


Dumpster Fire of The South
Jan 23, 2004
Okay, I've been out in RvR for a while now and I'm personally tired of having to port to berk 24/7 for any action.

As everyone who RvR knows:

Mid have claimed Berk and all it's Towers.
Hib have claimed Eras and all of it's Towers.

So, each realm can port to HW and get instant RvR.

What would people think if this were to happen in other realms too?

Alb: Claims Nott and all it's towers.
Hib: Claims Blend and all towers.

Then in Hib:

Mid Claims: Dun Crim and Towers
Alb Claims: Dun Bold and Towers.

So then, each realm would have access to each realms RvR zones, there'd be more places for people to go fight, more places for the GGs to roam and just more freedom in general.

Post opinions, keep this whine free please. Serious topic.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 1, 2004
Admit, you just wanted to get Jupiter attention after his thread! :) Make other topic as serious one and this for ibtl imo. :)

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