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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Aweb, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Aweb

    Aweb Fledgling Freddie

    Anyone else tried this yet?

    I'm a bit of a marine (in the sense i play for hours but aint that good) when it comes to CS on the pc but this version is weird. Sketchy textures. I have been told its meant to be quite good online so maybe if i buy the game i might find out :)
  2. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    tis crap
  3. Jis

    Jis Regular Freddie

    I find consoles so hard to play fps on :(
  4. Milster

    Milster Guest

    hmm so why is it crap then? i thought it looked ok. And I find fps on consoles difficult, not enough controls. Anyone thought of using pedals as extra controls for pc version of cs? :p
  5. DarkHalf

    DarkHalf Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah, it is pretty tough to play on teh xbox. Doesnt help that the analogue sticks on the xbox arent really as good as the ps2 ones. Playing red faction on the ps2 is a joy.
    Ive played cs on the net on xbox. Its pretty crazy, and everyone else seems to be so much better at aiming than me :)
    I only played online using that X-Link jobby though, so maybe its different if you play it on live. (does it support live?)

  6. DooMeh

    DooMeh Fledgling Freddie

    i find timesplitters 2 on the ps2 a decent game, obviously it would be much much better with a keyboard and mouse, but its still enjoyable with a control pad. I dont think i could play it competitivly with one though.
  7. Mini

    Mini Fledgling Freddie

    Yes, its quite good in my opinion although i still prefer the good ole' pc

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