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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
oki here's the deal, ive come baq like most ppl noticed , not that i was gone for more than a few days :p.

sure big deal, not its not, tho im sure as hell not intrested in any n00b comments on the subject. its oki if my friends/guildies have a laugh over it :cheers: . but i dont want neither falcors and machegianni wtf his name is or any other fucktards idiotic comments ok? ive said nothing to either of u at all to deserve shit over it, so kindly fo.

now ill prolly get flamed over this, and guild policy is to keep a low profile on FH, so i appologies in advance to them.

yea yea QQ more n00b etc u think, but in the last 2 days ive got enuff totally stupid comments and atleast 2 pm's about it (close if not totally personal assualt). next person that sends a pm even remotly ofennding me, ill report and get banned for sure, ive had it.
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