Come back to BGs?


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May 8, 2004
When i turned 31 i had this nostalgia trip, went to this forum in search of my old Thidranki BG posts. And i remembered my 13 year old forum accounts password :)

I played from 2001-2003 and then came back 2004-2005 only to level up my main to 50 so i could roll some BG toons. And it was the most fun i ever had in DAoC ever.

Im thinking of coming back, i just missed the free month and now i dont know if its worth it. I will wait until the next coming back free month until i try it out.

I will probably not play high lvl RvR due to real life, so i have some questions about the BGs. Is there still action i Thidranki? Are you able to compete without buffbot and a well made template? What im basically asking is can i just boot up my account, enter the BGs and jump into action without getting rolled over?

Also, what is the cap on Thid? I currently have my toons from 1L2 to 1L4.


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Jan 24, 2004
I haven't played for quite some time, but back when I did Thidranki was as good as dead. You would see people leveling in there, but not really doing any rvr. Where I found the most fun was the level 35-39 known as Molvik. I don't know the current status of the BGs, but Molvik was always very active and very competitive. You'd need at least some sort of template to compete with the best, but a template can be put together in a very short time.

All BGs are equipped with NPC buffbots you pay with either gold or bounty points.


Apr 20, 2011
Thidranki is completely dead I am afraid. There is some action in Molvik but not much.

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