clan *:R|g|C:* needs 3 to 4 more members

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by lightning356, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. lightning356

    lightning356 Guest


    ok we are a new clan but we are not new to cs. we need a few more members. we dont have a server *yet* but we shod be getting 1 soon . also we arnt the kind of clan were u join and play 1 scrim . we have alredy enterd in the pczgaming tourney and set up skrims with a couple teams . after the pczgaming tournement we will be in ogl.
    so if you are intrested go to our site:

    or email our leader at:
  2. g-shock

    g-shock Guest

    shouldnt this forum b for bwcsl stuff and for the teams who are involved
  3. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    It should, to be honest. I don't have any objection to currently competing clans who are recruiting posting here, but I'd ask clans who aren't currently in the league not to do so.
  4. [pp]Ripper

    [pp]Ripper Guest

  5. old.amoeba

    old.amoeba Guest

    Ripper will join - because he is a gay noob too! :cool:

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