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Feb 1, 2004
As of late I've seen a few DAoC movies where people seemed to have changed their style animations and casting animations to that of another realm, like an Alb doing Hib styles or a Mid doing Alb casting spells etc.
So I was trying to make my Cleric heals look like those of a Druid seeing as it would be a nice change but I am having some problem with it because if I replace the Alb_heal_hit files with the hib_heal_hit files I just get the same kinda heal for all my heals (the Hib major heal one).
Also if I replace the Alb_cleric_sum with the Hib_druid_sum it doesn't change anything so I was wondering if anyone knows how I could make it so that my Cleric heals look like those of a Druid heal (on my screen only yes I know that).

Also this is not against the CoC or anykind of rules GoA has stated as I read in some threads here on FH but if it is now for some reason please say so as I won't try and change them if it's against the rules but it's just to make my heals look different and I see no harm in that.
Thanks in advance if anyone can give me more information about this :)


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Mar 4, 2004
It is against the coc but they can't prove it. Don't have the .txt left with the name of the files tho so can't help you.


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Jan 21, 2004
Its been stated by both Mythic and Goa GM's that it isnt against the coc as long as you dont change serious animations like character gfx and etc.

Also if something bugs your acc out using animations. they will just tell you its your own fault.

stop writing wrong shit Eva. its not against any rule but they dont recomend us doing it.

I mean changing the Amethyst slash style anim aint a bad change ;)


May 6, 2005
run the patcher then paste the renamed files into the anims folder.

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