Celebrity wrestling?......


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Jan 4, 2004
Just watching this new show on itv (uk tv) celeb wrestling...

a few things

1) it dawned on me that with rowdy roddy piper as one of the presenters there will be a few people on this forum who dont remember him, hulk hogan, and the rest of the wwf old crew... there will be even less who remember british wrestling dons Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

2) the womens wrestling matches seem a bit ummm girly 1st contest was Net Brawl..... net ball, one of the girliest games since championchip knitting, the second match was where the 2 women had to rip special suits off eachother, while this is great entertainment (im not inclined that way but if i was that big blond bird would get my vote) im not totally sure of the actual sporting talent this takes... though one did flash her bra which i guess was quite sporting.

also just noticed that jeff brazier's tag name is pocket rocket.... wonder if they realised this is a slang tearm for an errection?

and finally
3) If you were a werstler what would your tag name and special sig move be?

I'd have to be Jingerninja, my special move would be :touch: "poke with stick!!!"


Jan 21, 2004
i would be "runawayfromdangerboy" with my special move "look over there! a ufo! *sprint*"

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