Can we donate Ted?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Tom, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    Can we donate some money to the upkeep of this website? I don't mind sending you a fiver every so often.

    Provided you use it for this forum.

    And cat food.

    But not dog food.

    And certainly not parrot food.
  2. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing.

    Maybe a Paypal account, or something, can be setup for people to drop the odd bit of folding into.

    As for donating TED... I think 'Help the Aged' are full up this year. :clap:
  3. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Ah, t'is the season. It probably warrents a serious point, in that it might be better to have be open about how much the place costs to run, and have an open donations policy from the outset, than to reach the "no money" stage and need donations in a glut? Especially with all the bandwidth saturating DOAC whores come over too ;)
  4. Insane

    Insane Wait... whatwhat?

    there's a £10 donate via paypal elite member thingy within the user CP but i dont know if its being used yet.. any word?

    i think we might have scared ted off with the bandwidth usage of this forum in the past 6 hrs :D
  5. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Places like Ars Techinca run a forum subs service, basically only subs have posting access to certain forums although again this perhaps makes it feel all too official.
  6. I love you. Marry me?
  7. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    Well, I'm not sure about subs or anything like that, but if I can donate money to b3ta cos its so much damn fun, I can certainly send money to freddyshouse, I visit here (before here BW) every day, and have a right laugh at some of the posts.

    It's like a big friendly pub, without the smell and beer. You don't get nekkid ladies in pubs though (well not famous ones). :p
  8. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    You are being friendly today :)
  9. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    I'll donate £10 just to have wij's title set to 'Cornhole Cutie'.
  10. TedTheDog

    TedTheDog Fred's & Barry's co-founder

    Well, whilst we dont want to ask people for money, we are now an entirely voluntary service (w00h00!) and we all know money makes the world go round.
    Goto "User CP" and see "paid Subscriptions" (I think its called).

    This NOT compulsory! We are now a community service and from time to time we may need financial support from the community and it would be nice to get it through such a voluntary donation mechanism as that, rather than bloody advertising banners and other intrusive and unwelcome nonsense or some compulsory subscription system.
  11. Will

    Will /bin/su Staff member Moderator

    I just had a look into the £10 donation thing...its set up with a teczone email address, which is one of DBs domains. So it looks kosher.

    Would have been less hassle if DBs had mentioned it when I was in London, so I could just have handed him a tenner. ;)
  12. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

  13. Your saying he didn't nick it off you?
  14. Insane

    Insane Wait... whatwhat?

    :eek: bribary gets you nowhere!

    unless you were paying for his services, then maybe it would be overlooked :p

    i'll probably dig into my pocket later tonight when i get home to "credit" paypal with £10 to donate

    just dont go down to the pub for a departmental meeting with it all :eek:
  15. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    So... where do I go to choose my title now I'm an 'elite' member?

  16. specceh

    specceh Fledgling Freddie

    hmm, a community site and already you are tainting it with the 'pay to play' thing :) personally i think you are wasting your money. i am quite happy to pay for a service that gave me something i wanted (tbh BW/Game never did so I never subscribed) and also TTD was saying in his intro post that this is NOT about making money.

    Forums do not cost anything to run when you consider the people running it are pretty much in jobs where they have access to spare CPU cycles and bandwidth.

    Your money would be better spent on Shelter or some other charity this christmas.
  17. Will

    Will /bin/su Staff member Moderator

    Lets hope that actually works, rather than going in an offshore account held by DBs inc.
  18. fatbusinessman

    fatbusinessman Fledgling Freddie

    *misunderstands thread title*

    *attempts to donate Ted to charity*
  19. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    I'm already subscribed to a number of charities, the main one being Amnesty International.

    I do, however, have enough in my play fund to just squander on anything that takes my fancy... and this does.
  20. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Believe it or not but forums can become quite power/bandwidth hungry when you get quite a few people on them.
  21. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    OK, I got my receipt from Paypal... givf link to super-secret page so I can change my title :)

    Transaction ID 2NP500418E529112S
  22. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    May have escaped your notice but a significant number of the people involved in BW have just lost their jobs - go and grow some sensitivity please :touch:
  23. I offered bigfoot the job as my personal bodyguard/servant .... no response yet :(
  24. specceh

    specceh Fledgling Freddie

    yeah the point is though to have a community that is sustainable. you should remember the 'save barrysworld' appeal. very genuine in purpose but completely impractical in financial terms, despite many people thinking that a one off payment would fix things.

    FH does not need to take money and personally I think it is misguided loyalty to start offering it. BW succeeded during its non-profit phase by people willing to give their time, not their money.

    Its easy to get a bit of hosting space for a forum at no cost. I could do it in a few hours, and I'm sure dbs and ttd wouldn't need even that much time with their contacts.

    so let's take a step back from this for a moment and consider what do you want FH to be, not how much will it cost :)

    just my 2cents. no offence intended to anyone who may have an alternative point of view :fluffle:
  25. specceh

    specceh Fledgling Freddie

    erm what the f***** hell are you talking about? ive been talking about FH. I know very well that people have lost their jobs as I know a number of them personally and have been on irc talking to them and wishing them the best of luck. I also was without a job (twice) because of my involvment in BW so kindly take your offended attitude somewhere else.
  26. Insane

    Insane Wait... whatwhat?

    knickers! PINK Frilly Knickers!

    if that doesnt get rid of the arguments, i'm gonna have to get something far bigger to threaten you with! :eek:
  27. Cyfr

    Cyfr Banned

    If I have cash in my paypal account already, can I donate from that instead of from CC? (Paypal newb :p)
  28. PR.

    PR. Fledgling Freddie

    Don't suppose there will be any chance of getting the old forum and its posts before it vanishes? :(
  29. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Well with your quote a subtle edit is out of the question I guess ;) Apologies, but your post still struck me as a little insensitive given the situation and the fact that many of the BW folks will still be involved in FH (at least I hope they will)... I share your sentiments in wishing them all well.
  30. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Aye - would be nice to get the threads from the last month maybe - there's no point mirroring it all though surely?

    Same applies to the Tech forum, we've dished out some prett useful advice over the years, would be nice to have that restored for future generations... ;)

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