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There is a big issue with admins spectating games. It causes this bug where you can't damage your opponent with splash damage, and/or sometimes even direct hits with lightning gun.

This happend to me yesterday in the game induce vs dqs, and i complained about it 4 times. Not to the admin but to the player, admin just said "mm2 plz" ... yeah right.

Anyways: The bug is caused by a spectator who joins a team to spec a player and then leaves it again.

In future games: get 2 admins for each game and let them join team from start and type /kill every round.. Then they can spectate every player on the team without having to leave and rejoin teams all the time and then cause the bug.

Or.. Don't spec. Our admin said: "i need to make sure you don't look through walls" ... yeah that's great.. but must of us players can "feel" when you get tracked through walls, and you could be sure that we would complain about it, if there were such problems..

Get players to record demos instead..

Think that's enough for today..



This is a re-occuring problem, the infamous ra3 splash bug has clearly been identified now - previously we didn't know how it was caused and the only way we could stop it was to ask the player affected to quit Quake3 and restart it, but now we can actually prevent it from happening at all and (some) admins are refusing to co-operate!

A prime example was during the BWRA3L Pre-Season Cup semi-final vs. EK. I was playing for belgian clan pSYKo and was in the map7 central flooded room, i was trying to RJ and i just couldnt do it (this is the best way to tell if you are suffering from the bug, if no1 else can splash you you cant splash yourself either :).
I told the admin to stop speccing me and very graciously he complied and suddenly i could RJ, and the bug had completely gone for the rest of the game!

Last night vs. DQS we physically couldnt hit one of their players, i'm sure there was no malicious intent behind this, but it got to the point where the only way we could get him was to have him cornered by two players!! This problem was not resolved and we had to play the entire game under those unacceptable conditions.

This is a problem that has been addressed in the Clanbase Cup by, as ulli suggested, having 2 admins for each game but i am aware that this could pose a problem if you dont have enough admins for this.

This is something that needs sorting out right away, before any more games are disturbed.

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