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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Hi all

    Ok as it stands the BWJK2L is purely TFFA. However I've been approached by 2 people asking if they can run extra leagues in tandem with the TFFA one. This to me seems like a good idea and I've emailed BigFoot requesting his views.

    The proposed plan (BigFoot, Zey & Mike dependant) will be for 3 leagues to be ran under the BWJK2L header.

    BWJk2L -
    TFFA - This will still be ran and managed by me

    CTF - [JCC]Yoni has offered to take on this league

    1v1 - R.S.O Gray has announced his intentions to try and make this work

    All leagues will be ran individually however I'll still be over seeing them as a BWJK2L Co-Head Admin. The title "League Admin" will be given to Yoni and Gray.

    As I say, these are only porposed plans at the moment and could change or even get scrapped all together.

    Please feel free to post and have your say

  2. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    lets hope Big foot has his head screwed on RIght and gose with it i think both the CTF & duel leauges for BW would go pritty well lets just hope we get the right clans this time I sujest we get Recomended clans to join though ones we know will play CTF will get more intresting if we could get a seven aside match but at this moment im not shoure how many clans have thay many active players :mad:. well if this dose go ahead looks like Ill be headding the Duel leauge :) and yoni the CTF i hope we can all help out eachouther in any ways posable too i will be working on the right forces to use in the duel in the mean time lets hope no one votes for a team Holocron leauge :)

    Good luck guys im gonna prepeare
  3. Raktael

    Raktael Guest


    Count KotO in one the TFFA and CTF (can we have some kind of weapons please :( )
  4. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    I was wonderin that too, meant to ask Yoni on IRC but haven't had a chance.

    Is the CTF league going to have weapons.
    Normally I like saber only but I think its a pain in the ass running after people in CTF, TFFA is different cause your more likely to be running towards each other.
  5. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    If you ask me, Weapons are a key part to CTF or CTY matches, to be honest you need something that can run faster than the carrier ;)

    However this isn't my call. Yoni is going to be running the CTF league. So please direct all your hastles her way (muahahaha feels good not being on the front line :p) :D

    We may have issues though. I've contacted BW asking for more server time which we're obviously going to need but the responce doesn't sound promissing. They simply dont have the spare time. BigFoot is going to look into freeing up some server time for us and he'll get back to me within a fews days if he's managed to perform a miracle.

    I'll let you know more asap

  6. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    1v1 duels day

    Any news on a weekly [Duelsday] leauge i was thinking more in the 1v1 jk2 tornys and think it would be a good idea to have a 32 place duelsday say once a month or fortnight this the winner of the leauge will get his Name in the hall of fame :p
    32 players will sign up for each duels day in a first come first server bases the 32 will be put in a had an drew a opponent for the first round the winners go throug to the 2nd round and losers say cya :) next. winners of the 2nd will go though to the quater then the 4 left will go thoru to a semi this will bring out the two for the Final bout
    matches will be 10 mins long and the final will be 30 mins long hopefully we can get a QTV style server to watch it :p if ther is one for jk2 yet :( lets hope so

    the leauge should be set up for times so the 32 players will be split in to 2s then thouse 2 grouped in to 8 groupes :p 1 set will have a time to get to the server if there are any no shows thay will lose and a defult win will be given to progress that player to the 2nd round 1 admin will be assinged to each server to moderate the play and make shoure there is a fair game Ie time outs ping spikes n outher crap

    once the 1st game has been played winners progress and this is repeated for the outher rounds too :p

    IF NEED BE i will HOST A SERVER :p for the duel and i hope outher admins out there with BB 576kbs conectinons can do the same :p
    this is only if we cant get the server time though :(

    [my spelling sucks ass]
  7. CAC

    CAC Guest

    a 10 minute duel????
    the first person to hit with a DFA is thw winner then i suspect

    l_o_b AKA [JCC]CrazyAssCool
  8. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Duels aren't too bad

    They could be hosted on home servers, however gray if you intend to do something like this you'll have to write a config/script so that every admin hosting will be running the same settings. I've posted the BWJK2L custom TFFA config below if you want to use any of it:

    g_sabertracesaberfirst "0"
    g_saberghoul2collision "1"
    g_dismember "300"
    g_maxForceRank "6"
    g_weapondisable "65531"
    g_saberdamagescale "2"

    You've got a green light from me to try and get something setup. Your biggest problem will be player numbers. I cant see any problem with exsisting BWJK2L clan members playing so maybe it would be worth your while approching the likes of =RD= [JCC] [PiT] [Xcom] [SITH] etc for your first set of players.

  9. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    CTF Weapons Full Force


    I have approached Bigfoot and really before we go ahead with weapons we need to establish whether there is demand for this.
    I would ask that once you have read the league outline you let me know if you are interested by indicating your interest below :)

    Basically CTF would be run in the same way as the TFFA League but would be Weapons and Full Force as default. If you and your opponants want to change force level that will be ok.

    As with std BW rules for ctf each match will take place over 2 maps going to a 3rd incase of a draw. Each map will be 20 mins in length with NO capture limit. The third map will be chosen by the admin will be 10 mins long if there is no clear capture after that it will be the first team to cap.

    This just an outline and I hope it answers any questions untill the demand for the league is sorted out :D

    A damsel with breasts :sex:

  10. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Ok, I've had an email from BigFoot stating that:

    1) If its not a BW server then the league CANT carry the BWJK2L title. Sorry Gray

    2) Server time isn't looking good unless you're willing to run the league on Fridays or Saturdays

    Yoni and Gray let me know

  11. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Friday & satuday sounds a fair bet for server time as i think The duel Leauge will only be held once every two weeks giveing time for a max turn out, if aggreed with Fragfodder that is [?] Also i will be looking in to a Config for duels that work to both partys advantages makeing the [Fights Equal] and fair this would mean Disableing some forces n stuff 10 mins sounds like a good time limit for each round 1 round each again like i preposed above 32 players per torny :p any ideas on the 1v1 please Email me details to
    i could do with some imfo to make this work. Any way its still in the infant stage though the expantion looks like a OK for the CTF leauge :p i wouldnt mind playing that leauge myself but we will see again
  12. Thelta

    Thelta Guest

    I definatley think there should be some part of the league where you can use weapons, either in the CTF or somewhere else - otherwise you remove the most fun part of the game :D
  13. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Too be honest, running TFFA and CTF league at the same time will be .... VERY time consuming.. I'm off to Uni soon so wont be online :rolleyes: tbh it ant fair on you FF cause one league was stressful enough.
    Why dont we do alternates, TFFA, then CTF, TFFA s2, CTF s2 etc

    As for the 1vs1 Duel... that could be done on 1 single day.

    Tuesday 10th September..... and once a month on the tuesday night?

    Start at 6, end when done.

    Best of 5.

    32 players?

    Do you want my mod to be used for it? if so i'll get it finished. Plus it will make sabers a hell of a lot more fun :)

    etc etc
  14. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    JEZZ ZEY adding a bod would make it fun but could also destroy the dinamics of fair play if its anything like jedimod

    we will see any way

    as for the duel frag fodder and i have one day a month in mind
    the leauges wont just be run by fragfodder im gonna help out too as will yoni for ctf :p hope fully with a bit of team effot we can pull this off as it stands i have made the cfg for the 1v1 leauge it will be more like the tffa cfg with a few extras i added for a intence game there will be a forces disabled but only the light and dark ones this will give evey one a fair equal game too meaning every one will result to useing saber and whit insted of lighting spam

    if the 1v1 leauge happens it will happen on one day this day will be subtitled Duelsday, duelsday will happen every 4th week of the ctf leauge i rekcon so it will be first 3 days ctf then on the 4th week a duelsday hopefully this will get a lot more in to our leauge as there will be many independant duelests in the leauge this would mean Prim recuirts for our resident clans all apart from [JCC] as there screwing up the ballance by recruiting all the players i do think 30+ is a bit much (loves to moan at yoni its one of his new passtimes) any how looking forward to this guys really am looking forward
  15. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Its crazier than jedimod ;)

    I couldn't really care less what JCC do cause I wouldn't want a clan that big really.
  16. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I hate to put a dampener on this but...

    We're waiting for more server time. If it doesn't happen I think Zeys idea will definatly be something to look at. If it remains the case that we're stuck with only Tuesdays because of server issues we'll have to find a way round everything and still run the 1v1 league every month. 3 Weeks alternating the leagues... CTF then TFFA once CTF has finished, a 3 week stint for whichever league is being run then the Duel, then the league continues.

    Gray it wont be easy m8, you'll only have 4 servers for 6 hours (24 Hours in total but it's not that much). You'll need to pack the servers and whittle the contest down to the finalists for about 10ish.

    32 Players over 4 servers =

    4 Players per server for 2 hours 6-8 then 4 more 8-10.

    If only the winners qualify, you should be down to 8 players by 10, then a Quater (4 games) Semi (2 Games) Final (1 Game). In the final 2 hours you'll need to play 7 games. You recon it would be possible? It WILL cause you a headache m8 but I think it could be done.

  17. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    thats why its 10 mins i rekcon i could get 16 games done in 2 hours and 8 games done in half that time and 4 in the same half time and the 2 in quater that but the final i sugest be a 30 min match with 3 admins to get a demo 2 for each player and 1 for action cam :p just to be extra then we can all distrubut the demos to every one who wants it
    if people want a demo of there own games thay should record there own though :)

    16 devided in to 4 be 4 10 mins x 4 is forty mins so i rekcon 2 hours will me pleanty i may increase the time limit to 20 mins if its gonna go well first time

    dont know we will still see

    as for adding Zey's saber improvements i would need to see the mod before desiding anything about that
  18. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    a few choice words from Me to every one

    humm 0 users in barrysworld jk2 servers :( this could be a put off for people cos not many people know that the leauges are still free to play

    and seeings that the BWJK2L is pritty new it might not get the same publisty as the outher leauges

    this would mean all players with in the bwjk2l would have to spread the word to clans and players alike.

    its hard to spread the word on IRC due to some channels not likeing it when you say things about apposing host servers

    as it goes barrysworld has the best servers in the UK and are good for all players all over the world unlilke some outher servers i can mention

    i have always got pings of 20ish from barrysworld and would hate to see that go so i had to subscribe. A few of my own clan members are aganst P2P for the reson thay would rather buy a
    2 letter bottle of coke a month then get banner free webspace privet forums fast FTPs a full aray of servers with Uber pings and a set weekly bookable time limit for a privet server for clan admins the benifts are well good and seem fair to me i signed up for the banner free web space mostly as my old web host was spaming people with gay adds about online casinos and outher lame :m00: but now i hope that people will come around its been a few years now since barrysworld started and them days where great low pings and free servers but this all costs money to run not barrysworld fault blame the telecomuncations giants who sell the stuff not barrysworld and if its not cost effective thay don't do it Thus these small villages where our 56k freinds live cant get cable of Adsl due to the no cost effectiveness of it all

    im now talking a lot of :m00: @:{~ so i will stop now
  19. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    How are you working this out?

    The way I see it is....

    For the initial phase with 32 players. You'll have 2 sessions of 2 hours with 16 players spread over 4 servers for each session.

    This means you have 4 people in a server and to make it fair they must play each other at least once meaning 3 games each and maybe 12 games in total (/me needs to check the maths) possibly even a tiebreaker per session. If you're running 10 minute games you're gonna be knocking onto 120minutes for all those matches provided you started exactly on 6 without any timewasting between bouts (impossible, you'll lose 1 minute per bout just for changeovers). You will be running late. By my maths and assuming everyone is on time (remember Clans/Players are the most unreliable element of any league) session 2 probably wont start till 20:30 and then maybe the Quarters, Semis and Final will start arround 11pm.

    Maybe having 32 competators will be a little too ambitious for the first set of matches. Try dropping to 16 to start with then expanding for season 2 when you know the timescales we'll be working with.

    Just a thought

  20. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I agree

    £2 per month is more than reasonable, it can cost £20 per year for a .co.uk domain, and you cant get playing servers on them.

    Also rememeber that a GAME reward card will help you out no end, it only costs £1 per month with one of those.

    I had a very heated Debate with a m8 of mine (MAS|Seeker) once about paying in which I said "I will not pay to play, its not right and there are free servers elsewhere". At the time I was just being mega stuborn and refused to see his point of view when he said "At least it means Idiot free servers and good pings". I aregued but to be honest he was right.

    P2P is a good idea, BW have been forced that way because of costs. But I think we the games could end up benefiting

  21. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    Oi Oi Oi


    I appreciate your concern with regards to FFs time - however I assure u he will not be lumbered with the administration for 3 leagues.


    [JCC] are a large group of players who primarily enjoy each others company if people want to join us because we are

    a] Fun
    b] Well Organised
    c] Well respected
    d] Made up of incredibly sexeh human beings

    then that is their choice perhaps you should consider changing some of the ways u run RSO :p


    You know where myself and CAC are if u need our help with anything :)

    If the demand is there and I have to date seen two posts registering their interest excluding JCC who naturally are then we will fit in with server time restrictions. So please if u want a ctf league let us know by posting below.

    A damsel flashing her breasts


  22. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Fluffy bunnys always make me happy ;)
  23. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Guys I'm not gonna let this spill into these forums

    Please do me a favour and take it "outside"


  24. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Something tells me Grays original wasn't as nice ;)
  25. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    humm :) it was nice, nice & honist too

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