BWJK2 Duel Leauge and outher Ideas

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by RSO:Gray, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    hey guys just dragging this topic our for a duel jk2 leauge unlike BWJK2L this should be a 3v3 on a 1v1 bases winner stays on till one team loses i sujest a 10 min game this will mean a min of 50 max per match and a min of 30 players should be able to ether stay on or swich team mates but still keep there life in the game just like a simple tag duel i sujest no dark/light force only the basics push pull speed and seeing as well as the saber throw (not my fave force though)
    i also think there should be a NoN claned Div with a 1v1 battle only thes will last 10 mins also but may have any amount of players waiting in line winner stays on bases be it 20 players & player 1 beats them all this will also give the clans a good opotunity to recruit some of the unclaned players :p

    maybe BW should Host a BWJK2 lan party some where in england with Prizes n shit :p just like Quake con but it will be JK2con (what a wild dream i am having huh)

    any ways iDears are what were here for so make um up and make um Fun :cool:
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I'll have a word with Zey and Mike, see what they say about this.

    I'm all for a 1v1 league, not sure about the 3v3 but hell if it gets peeps interested.

    Grey, you do know that if you decide to take this on, there's an aweful lot of unseen and unrecognised work goes into running a league?

  3. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    i have Enough time on my hands to help out Frag
  4. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I've sent an email to BigFoot seeing what he thinks about it and asking for some more server time.

    I'll post the full proposal in a new thread


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