Bulle Tg cave wipe day. 2004-01-15


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Stlong raid again :) ended 04 in the morning started of as a guild only event and ended up as a join venture with new era alliance.

We came all the way down to throne room before the need to sleep nerf hit us ;)
A quote from a suiding Savage Conclave member "I can see the queen" and that was about as close we came before lootsplitting.

Even 2 hours after the raid ended ppl had problem to find sumthing to sui on (else than old age and fall dmg) never seen the cave this clean.

Ohh and the gang whom killed Isso and Hurika 1 hour before our raid started and told me to go f--k myself when i spoke with them, yer names are noted and i did get hold of your GM's. And I assure you we wont do the same childish shit to your guild's when they plan a raid but I have spoken to your Gm's so they know what yer upto. Funny thing, two of the member in the summ team is New Era allaince members.. Well well Summ is about to be nerfed and the spoilt brats will have to find new ways to mess up what others have planed.

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