Bracer of Zo'arkat/Silverhorn FFA Raid Monday 23rd May


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Aug 25, 2004
Hello all

As discussed in a previous thread, I have decided to try and get a regular Silverhorn FFA raid up and running to aid those having trouble getting the people to do this encounter.

This being hopefully the first of many, however it will of course all depend on the response I get from Mondays raid. Assuming all goes well those who do attend will receive mods to the value of +3 towards the following weeks raids. However mod rules will be fully established ahead of future raids.

Raid Times
Monday 23rd May 19:00CET/18:00GMT - Battlegroup will be on Zedenk 15 minutes before.

Meeting Place
Oceanus Haven


You must be level 50 to be eligible to roll for any loot, you must also be level 50 to receive credit towards mods for future raids.

Silverhorn is an underwater encounter so I advise that you all stock up on pots before hand incase you do not have any soj in your group. As an alchemist though I will always have plenty spare with me.

Bracer of Zo'arkat will go to the highest roller on a /random 100 basis (in future raids +mods will be incorporated)

You may only roll once per ACTIVE character so no pulling a fast one with an unguilded bot etc.

Dependant on turnout there will most likely be an MA assigned, once the MA is announced in the bg everybody should make a macro to assist that person accordingly. (I.E. /macro assist /assist BillyTheThane)

Again dependant on turnout we may need to fix groups to suit if numbers are low.

The encounter has a number of chests so keys will be dropped as loot, the keys dropped hold no mod value so it will be a straight /random 100 with the highest rollers on the day taking the keys.

Finally please please please do not talk to the NPC unless told to do so.

I also wish to please ask that any people farming silverhorn refrain from doing so on raid day, thank you.

Other Info

Silverhorn can be quite lengthy so please allow time to complete the entire raid.

Stats for the bracer can be located here:

If you have never attempted Silverhorn before, then I suggest you read the encounter notes to familiarise yourself with what is expected.

Silverhorn is a very tank/seer heavy encounter so if you own multiple chars please consider those classes first (depending on what chars need credit of course).


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Apr 4, 2004
Can and will join every other monday, not 23/5 thou due to work.

Otherwize lovely to see more raids going down.


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Apr 9, 2004
I'll try to attend with ixoth/marmattaja/nahkapaska.


Fledgling Freddie
Jun 27, 2004

Hope to attend with MerC - Soj with UW breathing.


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 27, 2004
Zedenk, I hope this initiative is successful. I won't be able to join the first raid due to irl stuff getting in the way, but after that I should pretty much be a regular attendee.

Good luck on Monday.

Krago, Markan, Sleekit, Menno et al


Fledgling Freddie
May 31, 2004
signing up with nataljah, lvl50 healer, ml10 sojouner

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