ascending dawn


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Hello fellow hibbs.

Ascending Dawn is now disolved officaly i like to thank all former ad members for a great 1.5 year w/o you lot wouldnt have continue played this game.

But there comes a time when you need to close a book and open a new one :)

I hope fellow hibbfriends have atleast seen alittle of our attitude towards this game and noticed that ad was good guild we tried to help out most relic raids we could make. we rvred alot pved alot.

Old members will be found in other guilds where some of us decided to make a new guild called eden falls im looking forward to further co-op with hibb/prydd realm bestest realm ever :p

Also would like to thank kemor dunno if he reads boards anymore still super gm and also thanks to the e&e of prydwen and gms hope that you lot put alittle more effort in eu-us bounds so we here on small servers dont die out entirly.

And a big thanks to all the other hibb guilds still left ingame and thoose who have parted i personally not leaving the game will be pondering around with silleh shade :p

So if you are intrested in applying to our new guild can do so via pm or here on fh via pm.

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