Are the raid leaders really that bad ??


Fledgling Freddie
Nov 3, 2004
I’m sure that I won’t win the /hug-award of the year for this post. I just hope that this make just 1 player think twice before bitching on raids.

To arrange and run raid demands some planning, and can be quite time consuming. Does that mean that raid leaders can act like complete buggers just because they run a raid? Of cause not, but since you pick to join a raid, you should accept that they are in charge and listen to what they say, and let them run it roughly the way they see it fit. Don’t you like their style, you are allowed to quit during the raid, or just don’t sign up for the next raid they are leading. Remember you picked of you own free will to join the raid knowing the raid leaders and their style. No one would expect you to be flawless in you actions, and of cause you are allowed to make mistakes, but it is still fair to expect that you learn from them.

When you participate in a raid you choice to spend an evening following orders in the quest to achieve another ML, roll for an artifact, or win some scrolls on lotto. That includes that you have accepted to listening and following orders from the leader on the entire raid. YOU picked the raid to join.

A few days ago I joined a ML7 raid, and a dude got booted from the raid down there. Was it wrong to boot someone during a raid? IMO it wasn’t, cause plenty of warnings where given, and sadly enough it often is the only way to make peps listen from time to time. If you really think it was that wrong don’t sign up for the next raid. And yes it is that simple.

We do not have that many raid leaders, but the few we have, we should show the respect of the work they are putting into the projects of getting peps what they need - scrolls, artifacts, ML’s. I have more A LOT of raids behind me as a leader from the US-servers and TBH the reason why I don’t hold raids here is that peps tend not to listen and starts yapping away how unfair life is to them and yada, yada, yada. Who needs that, when you just are try to make something happened for the peps in Midgard that actually was suppose to work together. Would I boot peps? Probably not, but I use to remove their lotto rights – 1 warning (behave) – 2 warning (Yellow card on lotto) – 3 warning (Lotto rights lost). Is that the solution? Kinda worked wonders for me TBH.

So remember if you think Bluesky, Ovron, Vavires, Thorild and the rest of the dudes that often runs raids are a bunch of fucked up cookies cause they are running raids the way they do – You should rather squad you ass in the grass and count ants. That’ll make the raids run smoother, makes the peps be happier during it, and serve all for the best.

Do you feel offended but what I just wrote? Remember this is only a game, and I just wrote this to make peps think – not to annoy you. This game is for all, also those that run raids.



Fledgling Freddie
Nov 5, 2004
Raid leaders are realm assets. I'll never thank enough all those that lead a raid in the past or run them in such troubled days, because they give us a reason to log in and play, and more often than enough it's a fun event, not just proficuous. I used to run events in my guild, but never made it to a realm event because, differently from them, I can't control zergs as well as they do, so they have my utter respect.

Having said this ... I can probably count on one hand the people that acted like jerks during an ffa in the last 2 years, in midgard. Even during hard hunts such as the very first ml3 raids (I bet Ingaf still remember it ;) ) few were the voices that blamed the leader, and those weren't really popular - and the fact that we have raids that keep going on since months are a good signature, imo, of the excellent relation that prydwen/midgard has with their raid leaders.

In an hypotethical history of our realm, I'm sure we'd have places not only for the Belorfyns and Roos that lead our armies, but also for Bluesky's dragon raids, the mad Ingaf MLs, the fun Erinys and ML10 raids, and all the others that dedicated time and passion for the rest of us ... and still do.


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
Salute, bow, cheer and hugs for all raid leaders, they stand up and help the realm where others fail, dont bother, dont have the time or other reasons. (I'm the later, becomming a father and all, havent done raids since early Faith alliance days)

But all in all these raid leaders give casual players and regulars a better chance to keep up in the ml/arti race that daoc is partly becomming. And whether you like them or not, they truely are a great benefit to the realm.

A great salute for all raid leaders out there and all those that support the raids. :clap:

(I just wish Vavires would make the raids another day than tuesdays, cause i can't there :touch: j/k ;) , I'll sort something with some friends taking me with em on ya raids.)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
Some kind words and constructive comments made already here :)

Personally I started to run raids just for the challenge but now its an every day part of the game for me and even after running close to 50 Dragon Raids of my own and not far off 100 various pve raids - public and guild run ones (hmm i must work out the exact total and do something special for my 100th lol) I still love doing it.

There are ppl in this game that are/were natural leaders - some in RvR (Roo, Belorfyn, Durgi, Dwera etc, the list goes on) and PvE to which I modestly include myself, Flundra, Ovron, Inga, Tesla, to name just a few of the many.

I think most of us do it just because we want to make our own impression and do what we think is right for not only ourselves but more importantly for the benefit of the realm as a whole. Hell, I dont do dragon raids simply for the cash if I sell a stone or 2, I just love the challenge of gettin a group of people together and achieving something. The vast majority of ppl that come on my Dragon Raids love the challenge, the fun, and yeah also mebbe the rewards if it all goes to plan. Imo you know your doing a decent job when you get wiped and still ppl send you pm's or spk in /bu and say thanks for the fun and exciting raid.

Recently I have invited people to join my ventrilo server on dragon raids - it was initially to help me speak quickly to group leaders to give instructions etc but now its a fun thing to do and the majority of ppl that join in have a good time and that can only add to their enjoyment of the game which at the end of the day is why we pay our subs.... for entertainment :) hmm thinking about it I'm not sure if Inga's singing is entertainment or not tho hehe

As most raid leaders I also have my problems at times and wish that everyone could listen and pay attention and not go afk/stick and think they can breeze along doing sod all and selfishly get rewards for not helping their realm mates. I, like most raid leaders get annoyed and frustrated when people mess up, dont do what they are told but as long as we are firm with those people then everyone else on the raid will see that and know that you are doing your best so will still want to come and have fun on your raids.

Hmm not sure where I am going as im rambling a bit now but what I am trying to say is that all the people that lead Midgard in all areas of the game deserve respect for doing their bit to boost morale and help the realm, giving us an exciting and fun place to hang out :)

Big up's to all the leaders :cheers:


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
yep, its pain in butt to lead some raids, depends alott peeps who join and work for target how it goes.
personally rise hatt to all leaders who do it as daily/weekly/monthly basis, GW there.
have lead few raids and notice how huge job there is if doing 1st time.


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 14, 2004
I think all the raid leaders are doing great ... they are explaining the rules carefully both what requirements are and how the raid will be ... some ppl i reckon just dont like to be taking orders or can't keep there mouth shut .. normally i would say the love the sound of there own voice but in this case well it must be the tapping sound of there keyboards ... ppl like that will allways be and everybody can have a bad day imo .. even the raid leaders !! .. but in the end of the day they get the job done and thats basically why the are doing it ... so :cheers: for that and keep up the great work its appreciated alot :)


Fledgling Freddie
Aug 30, 2004
Lo all,

In my case, i do raids to help others, Some1 has to do raids, so why not me right? Some ppl think that leading a raid is easy, Some think that joining a raid is just runing a long with the zerg doing nothing. But it Ain't. Holding a raid is very time consuming, I myself try to make sure that every1 that join the raid, also finish it. Rarely there is a bad person in the raid, but i won't let me get angry for that 1 person, i give em a warning, and if (s)he doesnt listen, (s)he will simply be kicked out.
After a long evening of holding a raid, its always nice to c how many ppl did appreciate ure work and effort to succesfully complete the raid in question, is it a PvE, A ML, a RvR or a Drag raid.
And as long as Midgard needs me, Ill keep holding raids.

greets Vavires

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