AOL, Proxy's & 1.67 :/


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 25, 2004
Ok here's the my problem.

Im uk based and atm I don't live in an area that looks like it's going to get BB anytime soon, so my only option is to run AOL ( Unmetered, Doesn't boot you after 2hr's ).

I'm Running XP.

The AOL Connection software doesn't support Windows connection sharing so to allow me to share my conn I use a piece proxy software (ezProxy).

Up till 1.67 i've been using a program called SocksCap to get DAoC to go through my proxy.

Now after the patch I get past the login/server select screen the program quits out on me.

I'm guessing this maybe some kind of Hack protection Mythic has put in.... as Rightnow doesn't seem to be available atm can't put a Question in ( not that i'm 100% sure they'll give me a usefull answer :p )

So wondering if anyone has any ideas or know's a way to setup DAoC's .dat's to work with a proxy or ???


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 4, 2004

i cannot answer your question but i am on Supanet and i am finding the same problem, i have just downloaded the patch and when i finally get into the game it kicks me out, tried it 3 times and it dosent want to know, so sorry i cant help but you are not alone.
any suggestions would be of MASSIVE help to me.


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