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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amuse, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    Any1 have any idea on how much time GOA usualy uses to reply to a mail..

    Send mine on friday, and its ben 6 days now...

    geting kinda bored here, and mad at GOA for taking so much time to give me a small password! :twak:

    starting to think they are sending it thourgh the old fashion mails (the ones on paper :eek7: )
  2. Svartmetall

    Svartmetall Great Unclean One

    If my experiences with GOA are anything to go by, never.

    But then I know others who have had replies in a week.
  3. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    Send a friendly mail to Erivoss asking this same questing.. duknow if i will get a reply though.......
  4. Margaret

    Margaret Loyal Freddie

    I've actually had a response from RightNow within a couple of hours of submitting a query. This may have been a one-off, though.
  5. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    But that is RightNow, not :(
  6. Iskander

    Iskander Fledgling Freddie

    Yup, seems Rightnow answer time is not to bad, as they always answered my questions in a number of days. the subscription email is something different though. Although I never had to use it myself I did hear a number of people complain about it, so I wouldn't bet on a swift reply
  7. liste

    liste Fledgling Freddie

    if you requested subs password, it's going through Snail mail i believe. if its the game pass, they should send it to the email adress in your account details. I'm afraid to ask, but are you sure the email is correctly listed?
  8. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    it might have ben changes.. cant remember as it is so loong since i tuched that account.

    but i added that to the mail i send to them, and asked if they could send me the pass at the mail i send to them from.

    and it didi say "Customer firstname LASTNAME" on the reply i got, confirming they they got my mail (the automactic thingy), so i guess the e-mail adress has not ben changed.

    Edit: and by Snail Mail. do u mean a slow e-mail, or a slow paper mail? :)

    Edit2: Heading for bed now, and hoping for that password tomorrow.. Night every1
  9. Aremeriel

    Aremeriel Fledgling Freddie

    :( Oh no... How am I gonna pay next sub then? IF they've already changed my pass though...

    Amuse: I also sent the mail on Friday.. ;)
  10. Brynn

    Brynn Can't get enough of FH

  11. Monkee

    Monkee Fledgling Freddie

    i sent an e-mail to GOA about 10 days ago asking for them to re-send my passwords as i had lost them!

    Luckily i found me lil piece of paper so was fine, but i still havent had a reply from them :(
  12. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    But they probly noticed that u loged in/payed your account, and didnt bother to send the mail.

    As for me, i got the answer today, and thats 6 days after i send the mail :clap:

    alittle slow, but bether than the 3 weeks my cousin had to wait for hes password.
  13. Monkee

    Monkee Fledgling Freddie

    still took them 3/4 days though! Why did they take off the re-send option from the website?
  14. Gronau

    Gronau Fledgling Freddie

    I haven't played for a year, and because I changed my job I moved house to a different part of the country.
    I also changed my email address because the old one could only be accessed if you were actually connected to the internet via that particular ISP.

    Now I find that because I didnt keep my account details updated for a game I wasn't playing, GOA won't send me my password either to my new email address, or my new home address.

    I have offered them the CD keys for both DAoC and Shrouded Isles, and also the credit card details of the same card I have been using for the last few years. If they checked the credit card they would see it now has my new address!

    Apart from sending them a DNA sample, Im not sure what else to do.......I have paid money for a game, and because some git hacked into the servers I can no longer access my account.

    :kissit: thats what I think of GOA at the moment.
  15. Matchstick Man

    Matchstick Man Fledgling Freddie

    Bah, only been waiting 4 days for my password, looks like a few more days wait, nerf GoAs customer service, well english customer service anway, french and germans seem to have it pretty good...
  16. Thorarin

    Thorarin Fledgling Freddie

    GOA use CD-Keys to check, but they are hardly proof. They do not have access to your credit card data at all, so they can't use it for identification. Furthermore they've once told me that it's somehow illegal to use credit card information for identification in such a manner.
  17. Vepo

    Vepo Fledgling Freddie

    When I sent them an email asking why my 2nd account sub password and login was invaild, it took them over a week to reply. :eek7:

    Just shows you how much they value there customers.
  18. Gronau

    Gronau Fledgling Freddie

    Looks like I will have to send them a finger for analysis then....
  19. Aremeriel

    Aremeriel Fledgling Freddie

    Got my new password today. For the record, I hadn't forgotten it or anything, I just wanted to get a new password for security reasons.. ;)
    Paid my sub yesterday and logged in with old password then, so it actually took them a week to reset a password. If I had taken that long with resetting a password at work, well, you can figure the rest out yourselves..

    Oh.. And I got the password on e-mail, not snail mail
  20. Darloch

    Darloch Regular Freddie

    Finally I got my subs. password, after 8 days of waiting. :)
  21. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    Gratz m8, seems that Norway is coming back to DaoC now :p

    or.... atleast 2 of us :p

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