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Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Fana, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    "Over the recent weeks we have been investigating the activities of certain individuals who have been farming gold in order to sell it in exchange for real world currency. After researching the situation, we have issued permanent suspensions to over eight hundred accounts that have been engaging in this practice. We do not condone such actions and will take decisive action as they are against our policy and damage the game economy as a whole. We will continue researching this matter. If you suspect someone of taking part in said gold farming, please eMail the report to wowaccountreviewEU@blizzard.com

    European Support Services Manager"


    Blizz have some huge problems with customer relations and technical stuff, both with accounts and servers, but at least they are enforcing their policies, gotto love that :) Looks like this game might keep a somewhat noninflated economy.
  2. LawBringer

    LawBringer Fledgling Freddie

    Dam there goes my business :)
  3. Dommelsch

    Dommelsch Fledgling Freddie

    They must mean the guy that joined my guild on Daggerspine!

    He farmed 1500 gold after reaching 60 and I asked him what he will be doing with the money. He replied to me that if I kept my mouth shut he would tell me, so I 'did'.

    I wouldn't have said anything against anyone if he had some other means for the money, though after saying it was going on Ebay I kindly PMed the Guildleader from my guild and contacted Blizzard with the chatlog.

    I think they haven't banned him yet, though waiting for him to do the transfer/put it on ebay.

    GG Blizzard, now give me the ability to transfer my characters from a high to a medium populated server please! :)
  4. Bloodaxe_Springskalle

    Bloodaxe_Springskalle Fledgling Freddie

    a snitch!!!!!
    i hate cheaters and ebayers, but i hate snitches more!
    good thing you put yer char names in yer sig so i know who to /moo and /spit next time i see you around ^^
  5. Bone_Idle

    Bone_Idle Fledgling Freddie

    Not a snitch but an honest player who is protecting the community.
  6. Bloodaxe_Springskalle

    Bloodaxe_Springskalle Fledgling Freddie

    LOL, and you sound so pure when you say that ^^
  7. Jimmi

    Jimmi Fledgling Freddie

  8. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    But if you do that, then he will know your name and then he can put your name on a blacklist for all "teh friends tm" and then alot of people will /moo and /spit at you for all /mooage and /spittage you did on him....it's a vicious cycle without a saddle!!
  9. Dommelsch

    Dommelsch Fledgling Freddie

    I think I did what was needed to be honest. If people didn't report people for bugabuse/spamming chats etc etc, the community wouldn't be getting any better now would it?

    And about the part that when you see me, I'm up for a duel!

    Name your place and time and I'll be there.

    PS. my sig is out of date. :flame:
  10. Meduza

    Meduza One of Freddy's beloved

    What was the name of that lvl 60 char?

    Id sure like to buy some gold...
  11. tris-

    tris- Failed Geordie and Parmothief

    how does it protect the community if the guy doesnt make IRL money? do you think he will make enough money to buy bliz and run the servers him self?
  12. Bone's

    Bone's Fledgling Freddie

    I call that entrapment, and i think your a sad git, ur proberly only telling on him becasue u could not even farm that much gold..... if anything if peeps wanna trade gold, then do it the legal way... create an auction for a piece of linen and set price to what ever amount u wanna trade i.e 100 gold, and just transfer what ever the price agreed via paypal.... i dont buy from ebay but i think if he wants to sit and farm for hours thats his choice.

    Dommelsch :wanker:... im praying that they dont let u move ur chars to another server, i prefer to know a sad twat like u stays where u are
  13. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    I'm praying that the mods prevent the WoW section from becoming like the DAoC section... full of insults and trash talk.
  14. FuzzyLogic

    FuzzyLogic Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy

    Actually Bone's i'd call that abuse of trust rather than entrapment.

    Oh, and play nice, if you can't post in a civil manner, then don't post at all. Having an opinion is one thing, expressing it is another, but disguising it in a childish tirade of insults is something else, and it's not welcome.

    Ta, FL.
  15. Dommelsch

    Dommelsch Fledgling Freddie

    I asked him to make a screenshot of his money and now I'm wanking every day on it.

    On the other hand though,

    foadirl pls?

    PS. Oh, and his name was Drakengard. Such name 'n shame ;(
  16. Meduza

    Meduza One of Freddy's beloved

    YESSS! Now i can finally be as rich in wow as i am irl!!!

  17. Eemma

    Eemma Fledgling Freddie

    Fucking lamer, I hate ppl like you.
  18. FuzzyLogic

    FuzzyLogic Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy

    That's enough of that, blimey.
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