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Ancient Reign TG Merchants

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Nott, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Nott

    Nott Fledgling Freddie

    Ancient Reign villa
    lot number 2000 Mossdale, Carlingford

    Agmundr's Foe hammer 4,5p
    Frozen Blackhearted Axe 2p
    Seething Frostbound Hammer 2p
    Frozen Blackhearted Hammer 4p
    Nokkvi's Mauler 2p
    Nokkvi's Vile Slayer 4p
    Dread bone Great Sword 4p
    Frozen Moon Claw 2p
    Tuscarian Soul-wrenchers Staff 1,9p
    Tuscarian Bonewalkers Staff 1,5p
    Tuscarian Bonesplitters Staff 500g
    Dragon-shadow Crown (savage) 1,5p
    Dragon-shadow Boots (savage) 800g
    Ancient Spined Skin (zerkervest) 2,5p
    Tuscarian Clan Gauntlets (zerker) 800g
    Tuscarian Clan Boots (zerker) 800g
    Wintery Seeker's Boots (hunter) 800g
    Runed Tuscarian Boots (RM) 400g
    Brittle Bone Boots (BD) 400g
    Soul-scarred Boots (SM) 400g
    Tuscarian Bloodforged Crown (warrior) 2p
    Tuscarian Discordant Crown (skald) 2p
    Tuscarian Discordant Leggings (skald) 4p
    Foe Hammer's Crown (thane) 1,5p
    Foe Hammer's Boots (thane) 1p
    Tuscarian Monitor Leggings (healer) 4p
    Tuscarian Monitor Crown (healer) 2p
    Tuscarian Oracle Leggings (shaman) 4p
    Tuscarian Oracle Boots (shaman) 1p
    Ice-shadow Gloves (SB) 600g
    Ice-shadow Boots (SB) 600g
    Volatile Soul Leeching Tincture 7p
    Reactive Harm Turning Tincture 10p
    Otrygg's Jewel 700g
    Purple Dragon Crystal 700g
    Red Dragon Crystal 1,9p
    Hord's Braided Belt 8p
    Hord's Blood Stained Belt 8p
    Tuscarian Ring of Glibness 2p
    Single line respec stone 2,5p

    My cottage
    lot number 1868 Mossdale, Carlingford

    Tuscarian Clan Leggings (zerker) 3p
    Tuscarian Oracle Leggings (shaman) 4p
    Frozen Blackhearted Sword 5p
    Seething Frostbound Sword 3p
    Hakr's Hauberk 9p
    Black Dragon Crystal 1,2p
    Single line respec stone 2,5p

    Battat cottage
    lot number 1876 Mossdale, Carlingford

    Tuscarian Discordant Vest (skald) 15p
    Brittle Bone Sleeves (BD) 3p
    Wintery Seeker's Sleeves (hunter) 3p
    Nokkvi's Mauler 2p
    Axe of Icy Death 4p
    Icy Great Hammer 5p
    Frenzied Blackhearted Cleaver 3p
    Kvasir's Sword of Blight 6p

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