All ship shape Gombur

Aran Thule

Fledgling Freddie
Jan 25, 2004
Bumped into you in Odins and must admit its the first time i remember being smacked around the head with an anchor, what kind of weapon its that?

Was a very close fight, came down to the last blow, i think if you had sneezed i would have fallen over.

Just wondering if you could explain a few things (as i dont know then mincer class that well)
You used an absorb chant which was soaking about 70 damage off most of my hits, given i only do about 65 was any of the damage getting thought or was it just the Dam add?
You regained about half your health before entering melee, that a potion/charge or realm ability, apart from IP i didnt think they worked in combat.
And finally were you ress sick as i didnt get any reward for beating you?

Hope to see you in the frontier again sometime, was nice to fight someone that was unbuffed and solo for a change. <grin>

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