Advizzle on a matter that might still be in game.


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Jan 23, 2004
So, a long while back i used to play this game. I used to haul(weeee!) stuff around galaxy, moderetly good at avoiding teh nasty pirates. And making a killing in profit with my ..umm...whatsumacallit...yellow hauling ship...anyway!

Usual goods didn't give that much of a profit, but one thing was a gold mine and i thought i'd share it with Freddy peeps, just in the case that it's still as good as it was.

Hauling sh*t.

Literally. I can't remember was it named dirt or something else like that(i think it was dirt), but this thing had the weirdest market of all. Best examples were when i bought a ship full of dirt and jumped to another station in the same place, sold it for twice the amount. I made millions in a matter of minutes. I think i made 10mil in an hour or so.

Just thought i'd share it with people here, might be a useless thread, but might also be valid still and help someone be a rich poopdriver.


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 11, 2004
old.Tohtori said:
might be a useless thread
as long as i can type you shall do no such thing!.... u can see how much work i get done from the amount of different areas im looking through.
but eve rocks. shame couldnt keep it going. i hauled some drugs tho for money unlike my poop smelling furry friend here.
cant remember the name of them but this other guy i met did the same we made like 50mil each in 2days then the market went squizzled and couldnt find anywer to buy it :S :(
ah well fun while it lasted.


Nov 3, 2004
well the market goes up and down due to the logical thing its the players in eve we deside the market not the npc./the game

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