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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
TFDE2 - Team Fortress Done Extreme 2

For those who do not know what Team Fortress is, this might be just a video amongst others, but those of you who have ever played ANY type of First Person Shooter on CTF mode, should watch this.

Quick Brief to TF:
Team Fortress is a QuakeWorld mod, based on the original mother of all FPS's, Quake 1. Yes, the Big One. The basics, 2-4 teams (2 is default ofc), 3-6 players per team, 2 types of objectives, CO or FO, Caps Only or Frags Only.
Usually a map consists 2 similar or totally symmetric bases where the flag resides, you try to grab other teams flag while defending your own. Basic.
What makes TF different from other FPS games then?
Speed, game mechanics and above all, the atmosphere.
Speed in TF, and especially regular DM, is intense. Fastest than in ANY other FPS. Im not exaggerating.
Game mechanics allow this immense speed and maneuverability, bunnyjumps, grenadejumps and rocketjumps are the base of movement. Watch the movie and you get the idea.

The movie consists bloopers, tricks and above all, real match footage of fantastic frags, caps and skills.

Here, for your pleasure.

TFDE website


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 25, 2003
awesome movie!

used to play tf back in the day in a clan called ETF =)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 8, 2004
Indeed, TF ruled and still rules. The TFDE-videos showes just a glimpse of the game dynamics and how fun it is.
Sure, Quake 1 is kind of old, but it's free and considering fuhquake kicks ass (http://www.fuhquake.net) TF will last another couple of years I suppose. Name any other FPS that lasted that long. :)

/An oldtimer - hail Caesar!


FH is my second home
Dec 23, 2003
God, Team Fortress for Quake 1.

Anyone remember that map with the 4 floating bases over a laval pit, with floating platforms moving between them?
You could use your grapling hook to stick to the wall around the pit, and then snipe from the shadows.....
4 teams rocked :D

:D ????

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