A Poll Please..Who is a REAL LPB!

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by old.[U.K.C]Kaos, Sep 15, 2000.

  1. I would just like to see how many of us are what we would consider 'real' LPB's. By this I mean people with a ping under 60. Usually in the 30 region.

    Obviously not everyone comes to this message board, so if you could post stats for your Clan that would be good, just the number of people in your clan with a ping under 60 will do.

    I ask because I just played a CS league game, on a Barrysworld server, my ping was very good 130 I saw it at which is the best I have ever seen from it, pity that it went from that to 310+ and back again..constantly, in fact, everytime one of our opponents came near me, so my screen stopped, and only started again when I was dead and the person had ran past.

    I ask about the number of 'lpb's' because we were playing an LPB clan, 4 out of 5 were below 50 and I would like to know if it is worth continuing to participate in a league with a high number of low pings, or wether I should just quit now? if there are not many I can suffer, if it is the norm then until November when BT release ADSL I will say adeiu to the league.
  2. cenobite

    cenobite Guest

    I guess it depends what your connection is what you define as a real lpb. It seems that it is sensible to call it LPB and Super LPB. By that I mean I would classify LPB as being ISDN and SLPB as being anything below this. Because if you are SLPB you can still flood LPB's and higher pings due to ridiculous rates.

    As to that game last night, I believe that one of the people that came top for TS was in fact a modemer himself which proves that sometimes ping can only get you so far. A top quality team of modemers with solid teamplay could be a match for a team of LPB's I think. And only one person had a ping below 50 and that person was Robertj who is on 128k. ALl the rest were 64k ISDN and did not ping below 50.

    If your ping was doing that then no wonder that you are re-thinking about the league but it may be an idea to look into why the ping did that. It could be that the connect from your ISP to BW was bad or any other number of things.
  3. I am abit of a master in this area and as many people will tell you I don't really like people that ping under 80, unless there on my side :)

    Heres the facts...

    The clan I play for have about 4 lpb's, all ISDN. Every player in our clan comes from the U.K, hence we play in all the U.K leagues with the hope of playing other U.K clans. If we were to join a Europeon or American league it would be a waste of time, due to the shear ping difference.

    I have recently steped down from being a clan leader and have experienced what we shall call "LPB 0wnership..."

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>

    Posted by cenobite:

    I believe that one of the people that came top for TS was in fact a modemer himself which proves that sometimes ping can only get you so far. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Did you know it doesn't mean your the best player in the clan if you come top of the scoreboad ? Clan games are just that, clan games. This means everyone does their job.
    The modem player could have killed the opposing players after they were raped my LPB's and put on 1hp - Anyway the list of gaining frags is endless...

    You say a good team of modem players with good tactics can put up a good fight against an LPB clan ? I am sorry I have to disagree. I know some of the best players in the U.K and some of the best clans. Each of these clans are mostly LPB and players who want to become better purchase faster connections to improve their gameplay. Ping Kills, thats a fact !

    If there are 5 players in a room, 2 LPB's, 3 Modem players, I would bet on the LPB's everytime and thats because I not stupid.

    The data of what is happening in that room would have been sent faster and in larger packets to the LPB's, whats that mean ? Well its like every modem player binks every second while the LPBs don't or their bullets never leave the gun due to the server not receiving the information. (PACKET LOSS)

    I have met some very good LPB's who I doubt I could beat even if I were on a lower conection, but theres always the advantage there. So unless I get a faster connection I will never know what its like to move twice as fast :(


    Just remind all your clan members that against a team of LPB's the game is never going to be that much fun. As I said, the best teams in the world are either in Uni playing off T1 connections and discusing tactics face to face or from europe or the states on supior connections. My advice is just to try and keep your distance so their rate don't lag you to high heaven...an assure your members that LPB clans are very good due to the advantage they have.

    Good luck in future games, I can assure you that these LPB beatings don't get any easier but every now and again you get to play a clan in the same boat as you, thats when true skill and tactics come into play.

    My two bobs worth...

  4. old.Nemesis

    old.Nemesis Guest

    LPB's r like Neo in the Matrix.....
    They can dodge bloody bullets and let off a round in the time it takes us normal gamers to let off one bullet....
    I can't wait till I become one, that is, so long as ADSL isn't some legend BT made up so they could piss every1 off.
  5. old.Erebus

    old.Erebus Guest

    my ping was very good 130 I saw it at which is the best I have ever seen from it, pity that it went from that to 310+ and back again..constantly, in fact, everytime one of our opponents came near me, so my screen stopped, and only started again when I was dead and the person had ran past.
    If this is true then i would have been flooded as well which i wasnt.

    Another fact is, tactics go along way and being a lpb in
    this game doesnt give u as big as an advantage such as q3a offers.
    I personally have beaten many a 30 ping lpb you just got to use ur head which from last nights game i guess you didnt.

    And please stop moaning about lpbs because you had some to, trying to make excuses for why you lost a game is very sad.

  6. old.[XS]-KD

    old.[XS]-KD Guest

    your wrong

    Sorry but it doesnt matter about the ping if you have better skill and better tactics you should win...(no offence to SA)
    Exhibit A :
    Exhibit B :
  7. I would say also that I was top scorer, on our side, in our first map with one of the worst pings there. I am not blaming our loss on LPB's, we lost due to lack of practise and some good game play by TS. So shut up Erebus you moron, and did you not remember the comment I made to admin about my ping at the start of the game? Course you do.

    You are a clan of LPB's because you have more LPB's then you have HPB's that is a fact. You not like it because you know the facts behind it, it helps, and it helps a fucking lot.

    You camped spots where you were covering doorways, this gave you the massive advantage of seeing us, with your very low pings, before we saw you, I am not moaning about that, you played your pings to your full advantage well done.

    Perhaps given an equal playing field it might have been a different story.

    I am here to ask whether there are many more players in this league with low pings or if they are far and few between, not to hear you try and make a shallow victory of 4 lpbs over 5 hpbs into some sort of an achievment.
  8. Good god

    First off saying "real lpbs" (under 60) is pretty weak, why not use the widely accepted figure of under 140 (maybe cos that would very almost include you?) I recently got isdn and previsouly was on the utter arse end of 56k (had to wait till 3am to get a ping of 260) but I could hold my own on servers with nothing but lpbs. And as for asking if you should continue in a league of lpbs PLEASE DONT. You're come across to me as another bitter 2nd rate player looking for excuses.
    My point is there are plenty of people with worse pings than you 0wning lpbs everywhere. The better you are the less you'll complain.
  9. Embattle

    Embattle Guest

    An ISDN user at 140 and a Modem user at 140, even though they are the same the ISDN user is still in a better position. I can get between 40-60 with my ISDN if I don't mind paying for it. I get around 70 on my 24/7 unmetered dialup which is still good. ISDN/Cable/ADSL all give decent pings but even though the latter two give slightly better pings you don't notice much diff between the them and ISDN.

    Main advantages of cable/ADSL are high dl speeds.
  10. old.[XS]-KD

    old.[XS]-KD Guest


    erm was there any point in this post other than to try and show off ?
  11. Very nearly include me, at 130 - 313..damn that is a flexible definition of LPB you have there.

    An LPB has always been 120 under, and on Gamespy it is set as default: LPB under 100. So your intrepretation does not coincide with mine or with Gamespy's.

    I like the fact that on your screen shot below from KD your ping in the second pic is under 100, just what Gamespy would call a LPB, how fortunate.

    [/quote]I am not blaming our loss on LPB's, we lost due to lack of practise and some good game play by TS.[/quote]

    So just how is that looking for excuses? thats what happened. Did the fact that four of their players had a ping under 60 help, of course it did, if you think otherwise you are either a liar or a fool.

    [Edited by [U.K.C]Kaos on 16-09-00 at 01:45]
  12. old.[XS]-KD

    old.[XS]-KD Guest


    he has a ping under 100 when everyone is dead and the level is changing..that isnt even the fucking point. The point is ping isnt everything and sometimes it isnt anything. And who says your definition or even gamespys is right exactly ? Oh and you said your ping was 130 and went up to 310+ So how much of the game time do u have to have a near 100 hundred ping during a match to warrant LPB status ? 50% 80% ? flexible eh ?
  13. So the words:

    "Fluctuating Constantly"

    You know what they mean? would you like me to explain them to you?

    I know his ping was low for that reason, the point I was making is another LPB trying to pretend that it makes no difference when it so obviously does.

    Never claimed my definition was right, just that his definition did not coincide with mine or Gamespy's, perhaps you should try to read more carefully, you are making a lot of mistakes.

    Your right ping isn't everything, but it is something.

    You give someone who can play the game a low ping they will be able to play better, that is a fact. Of course if someone who cannot play has a low ping it is not going to teach them how to play, they will not become magically better, but a decent player will play better, he will be able to react faster and fire faster then he could before...and you think that has no effect at all.

    [Edited by [U.K.C]Kaos on 16-09-00 at 11:08]
  14. The thing is I did not come here to debate whether or not low ping is an advantage. I did not come here to bash LPB's either, and it is strange that the minute someone mentions the word LPB there are three of them ready to say that you are a whinging loser trying to make excuses.

    I doubt they even bothered to read the post.

    My complaint was purely about my ping on the server, the lagging jumpiness of it, I came here to decide whether I should bow out of our clan matches based on the probability of it happening in every match. I can decide whether it will based on how many LPB's there are who will be playing.

    All of a sudden I have attacked all LPB's and am making excuses for a game I did not even mention by name..

    Methinks ye doth protest too much.
  15. Netcode

    Hey peeps - I'm Talith, Kaos' Brother-in-Law...

    Fact is, as I have just explained to Kaos, the new netcode drastically cuts down on how much your ping affects players. When you shoot, the netcode actually calculates what would have been hit if everyone had the same ping - ie, if I (ping av 200) shoot at a guy running with an av ping of 100, the netcode calculates where he would have been if I had a ping of 100 and if I would have hit him. This is the cause of being 'shot round corners' - the calculations show that you would have been hit but takes a few microseconds. This has obviously helped me no end.

    Of course, if you go head to head with an LPB, both firing simultaneously, you will lose - by the time the calculation is done, you will be dead! But if you bear this calculation in mind, and play the game strategically and with some thought (ie, don't try going head to head!) then you will have as much chance of killing them as they have of killing you - the ping should be irrelevant.

    Gotta admit, my kill ratio is much better now than it was - possibly coz I've got better, but I was pretty good b4, just gettin more kills now...the code seems to work for me (at least until I get that CL_FlushEntityPacket message which constantly screws me up!).

    Play smart...you should have no reason to moan...
  16. Now in return I will have my say, since this is getting interesting, anyone who knows Talith and has played with him, will know how he plays, he will sit back as a CT on say Italy while his team attacks, he will wait at the spawn spot and shoot any foolish Terrorists that happen to rush. He does not camp there the whole map, but will stay there until there are fewer players left alive on the server. While this is a valid tool on an open server, it is not much use in a clan match.

    This is how the netcode helps, since he is shooting people who are at a disadvantage, they are moving he is covering. If he played the other way round he would find that the netcode was of little value, as he said in head to head mode.

    Besides which it is little to do with the opposition and more to do with my ping, since I was complaining about my ping jumping, not that they had low ping.
  17. So, obviously I'm at his house and on his PC, so it would be uncouth of me to rip in when I'm using his username, but...oh, hang on a sec...

    Ok, just pounded the hell out of him for arguing. :)

    By the way, when people rush in these games, nobody covers the rear, and it really pisses me off when I constantly get shot in the back, so I cover the rear...you got a problem with that, then sue me...

    And it is true - the servers should be more stable than to throw pings backwards and forwards - most servers I play on have a regular ping (usually about 200, +/-20), if Barrysworld is fluctuating 100+, surely there is something wrong with their system - nothing more annoying than constantly lagging out! This was the essence of the original post - not having a go at LPB's, but why the ping races up and down when there are more stable servers who obviously have this problem sorted. I'd rather play at a constant badish ping than one that plays well then bad...

    [Edited by [U.K.C]Kaos on 16-09-00 at 14:22]
  18. bigfoot

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    From Running the MCW (Modem Clan Wars for QuakeWorld) for over 18months (and playing in it almost from the start in March 1997) the definition of an lpb that i can remember being used widely was "anything thats not modem" regardless of ping. Towards the end of the MCW players used to get pings close to 100 on modem (QW's netcode allowing lower pings than CS's seems to) but they were okey to play because their method of connect was a modem (usually a pace 56k internal).

    Debating over LPB's/HPW's is irrelevant because arguing over pings is an arbitary thing as these comments have shown. When i was in charge of the MCW it was always method of connect that mattered, ultimately we had to ban foreign players because although say a french isdn player could ping 120 it was unfair playing against a modemer pinging the same. It's your method of connect which is ultimately the most important.

    As for the ping fluctuations, i have to admit i haven't noticed it on the league servers (i ping anywhere between 35 and 85 usually on BW or Nildram ISDN) whereas on the publics i can ping anywhere between 50 and 150. This is we believe due to some settings on the public servers which are being looked at by DrChris and BennyBoy in order to see why, at times, our servers can become very laggy indeed.

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