3 different things, DAOC crashing, ToA artifact xp and ToA ideas


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Mar 18, 2004
1. If you've ever wondered why DAOC randomly crashes - sometimes in game, or sometimes on porting, I finally found after changing Graphics Cards, rebuilding the OS and reinstalling upteen different drivers that the problem was 1 STICK of memory that had errors on it. I downloaded this small tool that makes a bootable CD and let it run in my PC on boot up and it really didn't take long at all, and now no more crashes :> I still LD occasionally - but that is the nature of the game.


2. What is the fastest speed and place to XP a TOA artifact? How fast have ppl levelled up an artifact SOLO and how fast GROUPED?
These are the artifacts I would be interested in knowing what people have done....
(I have also looked at visionofsages.net and am just wondering what people have found to be the best)
Bane of Battler -
Belt of the Sun -
Ceremonial Bracer -
Crown of Zahur -
Scarab Vest -
Maddening Scalars -
Ring of Dances -
Shades of Mist -
Malice Axe -

3. I was also thinking that the game would be a lot better now that ToA is here with the addition of an /autolevel function for artifacts after a certain amount of time /played since getting the item. I say this simply because for people who work - it's getting harder and harder to XP and get all these artifacts. Not only do you have to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, then you have to get the item, then you have to get the 3 scrolls, then you have to XP the bloody thing! :> So - in an ideal world, it would be good if say after every 1 day /played time (you could leave your PC on overnight :>), and maybe say you need 50k RPs, your artifacts that are on your account should autolevel 1 level :>

Anyway - enough rambling - add suggestions that you have for point 2.


Back to work :/

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Jan 21, 2004
m8 had the same problem, goa gave the excuse his pc was too low spec (despite runing the game fine pre-toa), but fair enuff new patch, new stuff, higher spec pc needed. Replaced the monitor with a new flat screen game works fine, so i think it was a driver conflict. Either way alot of wasted time and no help from goa, so adivce to people with similar problem is to check all your drivers are up to date not matter how small a thing you think it is (in this case the monitor).
BUT they did respond quickly so is a merit to them :)

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Dec 22, 2003
Malice Axe - ML3 dungeon (Temple of Twilight) nice large area with orange-red mobs in there, most is neutral and vulnerable to slash.


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Dec 24, 2003
Theres lots of useful tips on the techy section, one day perhaps some nice techy will tidy it all up into one thread, making it kind of a bible of DAoC glitches.

As for the autotrain on the artis, I own 2 atrifacts on all my chars for the same reason, theres no point. I dont have the needed playtime to level them. Nice idea, but hard to balance.


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Mar 29, 2004
For Sunbelt i would say join an ML7 group, I got 0.3 bubbs on 50 in about 3 hours. DF is always nice XP. Try level Shades of Mists in DF, maybe chainpull umbroods or something dunno. Malice Axe as Urme said ML3 dungeon OR Iarnvidiurs Lair's Kolvargs neverending camp XP kinda :worthy:


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Feb 12, 2004
I lvled my SoM from lvl 0 to 10 last night in 6 hours on alb via caldey with my scout, super fast xp there using slash arrows on undead.


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Mar 2, 2004
Considering the current decay rate of atrifacts (that isnt fixed properly in 1.68 so im told) an autolvl idea isnt as daft as it may seem.

My Harpy cloak is currently 3% xp into lvl 1 and 98% dur already, only using it till i get som, but still its rediculous.

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