1066 memory locks up PC

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Dec 22, 2003
Hey all, so im now running Vista 64 on my Q6600. Initially i got 2gb of DDR2 and changed the memory clock to be 1066. All worked fine.

Bought another 2gb the other day to take me to 4gb but now the PC locks up as it gets into windows if i have it set at 1066. I have to put it back to auto for it to work.

CPUZ tells me its 400mhz which is guess is actually 800?

Mobo is P5K.

Memory is this:

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Thanks for your help!



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Dec 20, 2003
Hi Panda, please check to see the DIMM voltage is set to be whatever Corsair says it should be, and also this: certain mobos will only let ram of that speed run at it's rated speed when using certain multipliers, so you'd best check that too.


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Dec 22, 2003
Hi Panda

Sorry, just a flying visit. You may want to check in the BIOS that the CAS timings for the RAM are set to automatic. If your previous RAM was configured for specific CAS latencies (e.g. 5-5-5-15), and your new RAM operates at different latencies, then it may cause problems. It's a long shot, but often small details matter, especially when mixing and matching memory. I think Kryten and the others will likely think of a more constructive solution (well, more constructive than an arrow in the eye ... ;)) Edit ~ Like TdC's suggestion :)

Kind regards

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