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Jan 16, 2004
as a thread says in 1 section!!!


In response to overwhelming player feedback about the master level system, we have made a change to the way that credit is awarded for all x.10 final encounters. This will make the entire ML system much more forgiving if you miss a step along the way to your x.10 goal in each master level. Thank you for all of your feedback on this issue!

- You will now receive credit for any Master Level x.10 step without first completing all prior steps.

- No matter what order you finish the 10 steps in, when you complete the final step you will receive a message telling you that you have finished all the trials for a particular Master Level.

- To actually reach a new master level, you still must complete all Master Level XP requirements, and complete all 10 trials as part of the new level, then talk to the Arbiter.

- For Example: You will now kill Cetus (ML 1.10) and receive credit for the encounter, even if you are missing the ML1 Solo Step (ML1.5). When you then complete the Solo Step, you will receive credit for completing all trials in Master Level 1, and may then visit the Arbiter to progress to Master Level 2.

This i love....no more getting late to .10 if u have misst some steps...will be good if ppl have misst a raid becuase they have 1 or 2 steps left...now they get credit for .10 then they can make the missing steps and still get next ml lvl....now get on to 1.75 fast GoA :p

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