FreddysHouse FAQ

Q. I want to subscribe to FreddysHouse, how do I do it?
A. Easy, just click on Account Upgrades.

Q. Green? Sorry but that is not my style. How can I change it?
A. Simple. Just click here.

Q. What happened to Private Messages?
A. They have been replaced with Personal Conversations. Click this link to go to your Personal Conversations.

Q. I want to give reputation to someone!
A. Reputation has been replaced with a like system. If you like a post then click the like link.

Q. I cannot edit my signature, what gives?
A. Signature editiing is automatically activated after 10 posts have been made.

Q. What happened to the Blogs?
A. At this point they have not been migrated due to missing functionality. The data is still available for migration at a later date.

Q. What happened to the Gallery?
A. The Photopost Gallery addon integration is not quite to the standard we want at FreddysHouse therefore the system has not been migrated. The data is still available for migration at a later date.

Q. Where is the calendar?
A. The existing calendar was hardly used and XenForo does not include such functionality in the core at this time.

Q. What is that casting a vast shadow across the land?
A. TdC's cock or Deebs' nose, depending on where the Sun is.

Q. When something strange is happening in my neighbourhood who do I call?
A. Ghostbusters.

Q. Did TdC really swaffle an elephant?
A. No. For some reason haven't picked up on this urban legend yet but allow us to tell you that TdC is far too short and too big a chicken to swaffle a chicken, let alone an elephant.

Q. Where is the bird seed?
A. Ask Trem. More information can be found in this post.

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