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The history of FreddysHouse and who we are.
How FreddysHouse was born

Sometime in 1996 TedTheDog was playing a game called Quake. Taking a shine to the game he tried to introduce it to one of his work colleagues, Deebs. Unfortunately Deebs was not interested until QuakeWorld was finally released in December, 1996. Both of them loved the game so much and enjoyed the online aspect but not the poor servers that were out there on the fledgling internet. Being resourceful they decided to create a private QuakeWorld server called Freddy's. The password was given out to a few more people they had met online and before they knew it the server was completely maxed out all the time. Time for another server or two...

Having secured hosting at a professional Internet Provider they racked their brains for a name to call the setup. TedTheDog being an avid Robert Rankin reader came up with the name BarrysWorld. A new era was born. Over the course of the next couple of years BarrysWorld proved to be one of the best, if not the best, place on the internet to play QuakeWorld or one of the modifications available for it. Ping times and the quality of the servers was second to none. Soon a dialup system complete with 120 lines was introduced. Again, the quality of the setup was proven with the dialup system constantly being maxed out with players wanting their gaming fix. Unfortunately Deebs had a slight meltdown due to be frustrated at wanting to build upon the success and not being able to due to lack of funding, at this point it was all done out of pocket.

Following the meltdown Reubs and a couple of other "staff" approached Demon/Thus and secured a deal which would see BarrysWorld evolve into something bigger and better than ever before. Unfortunately at the 11th hour Demon/Thus pulled out and things were looking pretty bleak. Luckily the team at Demon/Thus saw the potential and together they secured a 3 year funding deal with 3i. Finally a way of taking BarrysWorld to the next level. Over the next year BarrysWorld secured their position as the best place to play PC online games which required dedicated servers. The service included hosted websites, bookable clan servers, forums (which are viewable here), gaming guides and news from around the web.

Unfortunately this was around the same time that confidence in the .com industry was waning and after just a year or so 3i decided that they did not want to invest any more funding into BarrysWorld. Upon hearing this news the staff were told and any money left over was paid to our creditors, the team was determined to not go out leaving a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Once BarrysWorld had been liquidated a retail gaming Company known as Electronics Boutique decided to purchase the Company and BarrysWorld was relaunched as GAME.NET. At the same time several members of staff were offered employment contracts to continue to run the service. After a couple of years GAME.NET was shutdown and a retail website was launched instead. At this point Deebs and TedTheDog decided to create a new site on the internet for the community to continue to interact with one another, FreddysHouse.

FreddysHouse.com was launched in December, 2003 and continues to provide a presence on the internet to this day. There have been many ups and downs along the way but many of the original community members/staff from 1996 are still involved.
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    Nov 23, 2011
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